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How to Get Rid of Smell in Microwave?

If your daily cooking takes place in your microwave oven then Im pretty sure it might be full of food odors by the end of the day.A�A� Here are simple tips that will help you keep your microwave oven odor free-

  • Use of spatter shield to prevent your food from spilling and spattering inside the oven.
  • Cover your foods or dishes with a plastic wrap from erupting.
  • After each use, take equal quantities of water and white or apple cider vinegar, dip a clean cloth, and clean the insides of your microwave oven. Wipe clean again with a dry cloth.
  • If the odors in your oven are too strong to get rid through vinegar, then try baking soda. Take a saucer and put three heaped tablespoons of baking soda in saucer and place it inside your microwave oven at night. It will absorb all the bad odors through the night.A�A� Do it every night.
  • You can try another trick. Take half a cup of lemon juice and mix it with a microwave-safe dish of tap water and heat this mixture on high power setting for a few minutes. Carefully take the dish out and leave the door of your oven open to allow the air out.
  • You should also remove the rotating plate in the microwave oven everyday, wash it well with detergent or vinegar and place it safely back.

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