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Easy Tips to get rid of Bed Bugs

BED BUGS… On hearing this term what do you visualize?? Small, wingless, reddish brown in color, blood sucking pest commonly found in your mattresses. Commonly they are also known as A?a��A�mahogany flatsA?a��A?, A?a��A�red coatsA?a��A? or A?a��A�chinches.A?a��A? They are one of the most common household problems.

You can find bed bugs anywhere from hotel rooms home and even in theater seats. When these bugs bite you to feed on your warm blood they leaves an itchy red welts on that area. Now the question arises is to how to get rid of these nasty bed bugs? Here are few beneficial steps to get rid of bed bugs:

  • In case you are staying somewhere outside of your home then make sure that you check the mattresses before lying down.
  • Even at home you need to check for dead remains, crawling bed bugs, skin remains, blood stains or fecal stains in your bed.
  • A thorough checking of your furniture, curtains, linens and clothing as bed bugs can hide in between crevices and seams.
  • You need to check everything on a regular basis as bed bugs can survive for months without feeding.
  • Make sure that you remove all the trash and clutter from all the possible hiding places of these nasty little creatures.
  • You need to scrub and vacuum properly all your furniture and other articles. This step will ensure proper removal of all the hidden bed bugs, its eggs and other remains.
  • In case you come across bed bug infestation then the best option is to hire a professional for proper treatment.
  • After professional treatment make sure that you follow all the preventive measure so as to avoid infestation in future.
  • After coming back from traveling make sure that you wash all your clothes before placing them back in the closet.
  • Other luggage items can be thoroughly scrub as well as vacuumed before putting them in the closet. You can also give them heat treatment by placing them in sun for 2-3 hrs.
  • Make sure that your home is clean and trash and clutter free.

Basic thing to get rid of bed bugs is to maintain proper cleanliness. A thorough and regular cleanliness program can keep your sweet home safe from bed bugs.

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  3. Can a bed bug survive in a humans body…? may a tiny bed bug can crawl in a human’s body through nostrils or ears while the someone’s fast asleep…thanks