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Brightening Up A Windowless Room

Do You Have a windowless room in your house and really want to do something that can brighten it up. Well, here are some tips that will really prove effective. Also, these ideas can be extended to the basement area, which no longer will be called dark and dingy.

Bright Colors: Paint the room with bright colors. Also make sure that the furniture is of bright colors.

Contrasts: Build contrasts in the room by hanging dark colored pictures against the lighter shaded walls. Also, buy showpieces that are one shade darker than your room colors.

Lighting Options: Basements are considered to be a difficult place to light up. It is best to decorate and light such places with table lamps, lamp shades which will bright up the ceiling and not give a cave like appearance.

Decorations: The first instinct, we usually resort to is convert a dark and dingy room into a storeroom. Avoid doing this, instead use this room to unleash your creativity and decorate it with beautiful items.

Plants: Store indoor plants in these rooms. They really add to the look of the room and add to the mood of the room.

Keep these points in mind and have a good time decorating the windowless room.

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