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Get Rid Of Maggots From Your Trashcan

Maggots are a common problem in many of the households. It is the garbage cans that are most likely to be infected with them.A�A�

There are various precautionary measures that one can take to get rid of maggots.

  • Pour Boiling water over the maggots.
  • As garbage cans are the places that are most prone to maggots, make it a point to seal them up everyday.
  • Maggots also get attracted to foul smell, so find out areas prone to foul smell and get rid of them as soon as possible.
  • Keep your sinks and bathing area clean. Wash them regularly and clean them with bleaching powder regularly.
  • Do not leave pet food outside.
  • Seal your garbage bags tightly, not letting space for the flies to enter into the bag.
  • Get rid of rotten meat immediately. Also do not store day old meat for long.
  • While getting rid of meat make sure you triple bag it up and then dispose them.
  • Wash your garbage can, once a week.
  • Clean up tins that have canned meat properly. Often one throws away the tin with a residue of meat, thus attracting maggots.
  • Maggots hatch out from the eggs of flies. So make sure you rid your house of flies. You can lay fly strips near the doors in order to prevent flies from entering your house.
  • Applying bleach solution on maggots kills them and prevents them from sprouting up again.
  • Half eaten fruits also attract maggots so dispose them quickly.
  • Clean the trash can regularly.

Keep these points in mind when you see maggots infesting your trashcan.

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