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5 Tips to Paint Your Studio Apartment

Your studio apartment can look comfortable and inviting instead of confining and uncomfortable if you use the right colors. Colors can make your apartment seem airy, larger, add depth and can also hide flaws. While painting your studio apartment, right knowledge of using colors is necessary. Selecting colors is an art and the right knowledge can help you develop it. So, come along and letA?a��a�?s paint your studio apartmentA?a��A�

5 Tips to Paint Your Studio Apartment:

Listed below are 5 tips that can help you paint your studio apartment:

  • Paint with Light Colors:

    Experts suggest that light color painting can make your studio apartment look more spacious. This is because light colored walls can help in reflecting natural light. This can make your apartment look brighter, creating an illusion of more space. Such colors can be violet, beige, green, light green blue, etc. On the other hand, painting with warm colors like red, yellow or orange can make your apartment look dark and confined.

  • Use Different Shades of the Same Color:

    You can use warm colors without reducing the apparent size of your studio apartment by painting an accent wall in bright or dark color. Your accent wall is one wall in your studio apartment that can be the focal point and can create impression of more space. Try placing your bed by the accent wall. It can give your apartment a warm feeling. The adjoining walls can be done in 3 shades lighter.

  • Select the Right Color:

    For selecting your favourite colors for your studio apartment, you can visit a paint dealer in your area to look at corresponding color chips. You can test the color chips in the broad day light as well as in the evening to check how colors will look in a variety of light conditions. You can also check with some paint companies who sell paint chips made of real paints for real samples.

  • Add Texture to Your Ceiling:

    It is suggested that instead of using white color to your ceiling, you can put metallic texture. This can give your room lot of height and can make it appear more appealing than the usual white color painting. Otherwise, if your ceiling is unusually high and you may want to give your studio apartment a cozy look, then medium to dark colors can be your option.

  • Paint Wooden Furniture:

    You can paint your furniture in a shade that is in contrast with your wall color. This way, you can clearly define both your furniture and the wall. You can paint your furniture with eggshell finish which can add a soft glow to your furniture. Otherwise, oil-based colors that are highly recommended by some experts can be your preferred option.

Lastly, while painting your studio apartment, you can try to make sure that you are buying good quality paints. Quality paint can act as a protective covering against the forces of nature and can ensure durability of your home. In addition, surface preparation, caulking and primer can enhance the look of your apartment and can make it inviting.

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