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Furnishing a Small Studio Apartment

Furnishing a small studio apartment needs proper organization and planning. This is because you are trying to create an illusion of space while accommodating several activities in one room. It means selecting right furniture for your apartment and getting rid of unnecessary items. The selected furniture should occupy minimum space, should perform multi-functions and make your apartment look clean and tidy.

Tips to Furnish a Small Studio Apartment:

Furnishing a small studio apartment is about placing the right furniture in the right place, keeping the functional aspects in mind.

Listed below are tips to furnish a small studio apartment:

  • Discard Unnecessary Furniture/Items:

    To furnish your studio apartment, the first thing that you can do is to create space for your furniture. You can take a look around your room for furniture that you do not need or may look odd with your new design. You can discard such items. This way you can make free spaces available for new furniture.

  • Allocate Space for Keeping Furniture:

    You can place your furniture in areas allocated to carry out specific activities in your studio apartment. For example, you can place your divan in area restricted to be used as your bedroom..

  • Use Baskets to Hide Things:

    You can use wicker baskets to hide your knick-knacks like blankets, sewing items, etc. This can help to create a more clutter-free space in your studio apartment. You can also use wooden boxes, trunks and such other times for storage purpose.

  • Use Multi-Purpose Furniture:

    In a small studio apartment, using multi-purpose furniture can help you to manage your space better. If money is not an issue, using wall bed coupled with storage and lighting facilities can be a great option. Otherwise, you can use trundler bed, which comes fitted under another bed, for you and your occasional guest. You can also consider slat bed for giving extra storage space under it to keep your things. You can use flip-flop table. Such table can be stretched to accommodate a large group and takes minimum space when not used.

  • Use Partitions Creatively:

    You can use bookshelves or wall cabinets to divide your living and working areas and to place things decoratively. Using multi-purpose screen can also be a good option for your studio apartment. A multi-purpose screen can allow you privacy by dividing your bedroom and living room area and can also serve as your bed head.

  • Use See-Through Furniture:

    You can use see-through furniture to give an illusion of more space. See-through furniture can also provide a dash of elegance to your studio apartment.

While furnishing your studio apartment, you should always keep in mind the functional and visual aspects of each area of your apartment. This can help you to plan, select, place and arrange your furniture properly.

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    your advice was very helpful. i’m wondering if you have suggestions on where i can get appropriate bookcases/furniture to help separate my bedroom from my living room, which is my main concern. my living/dining layout is in an L shape and i want to do my best with placement and furniture to have my bedroom area somewhat separated from my living area.


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