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Top 5 Tips to Organize a Studio Apartment

Living in a studio apartment can be very unappealing if things are not organized properly. It can make things stand out, if books, CDs and such other items are scattered all over the place. With proper planning and organizing, a studio apartment can be made functional and attractive. A clutter-free studio apartment can create an illusion of more space. This can help you relax, unwind or just be yourself in your pad.

Top 5 Tips to Organize a Studio Apartment:

Here are top tips to organize a studio apartment:

  • Using Wall Space:

    By using shelves, you can make good use of your wall space. Wall shelves can provide a great way of displaying your favourite framed photographs. You can also store your books, CDs and such other items on the shelves.

  • Using Shoe Organizer:

    When it comes to shoes, many people have trouble finding a proper place for it. Since there may not be enough space in a closet, one can end up leaving shoes on the floor itself. This can create more clutter on the floor. A shoe organizer can give you ample space for putting your shoes without costing you much.

  • Using Coffee Tables With Drawers and Shelves:

    Using coffee tables with drawers and shelves can be an option to keep items away from sight. Under your coffee table, you can keep such items like some magazines, TV guide or remote controls.

  • Using the Space under Your Bed:

    You can use plastic bins to store winter garments or such other items properly. This way your things will remain dust-free and, at the same time within your reach when you need them.

  • Using Hanging Hooks:

    Hanging hooks are generally inexpensive items which you can fix on your wall to keep your hats, cell phones or keys. You can use them in your kitchen or in your bathroom to hang wet towels, bathrobes, etc.

Organizing a studio apartment is about making the most effective utilization of the available space. It is about putting and storing things in proper places so that one can easily find and use them.

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