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How to Decorate Windows in Style?

In modern home dA?A�cor, windows can play an important role in making a room attractive and inviting. Well decorated windows can be the focal point of any room. Beautifully decorated windows can create the magic spell in a room by filtering the sunlight and letting in cool breeze. This can add bright lovely glow and freshness to your room. Since windows attract attention of everyone, you may want to decorate them in style.

Ways to Decorate Windows in Style:

Listed below are some ways to decorate your windows in style:

  • Lights:

    With Christmas coming round the corner, you may like to highlight your windows with mini lights. Mini lights are available in variety of colors and spacing; they can be easily installed with tapes or adhesive clips. You may choose colors according to your favourite baseball team or according to the color scheme of your entire room.A�A� You may like to hang antique lighting near your windows.

  • Window Plants:

    Another way to decorate your windows is to plant small flowering plants in window flower boxes. Flowering plants can brighten your room by giving your place a floral face lift! You might choose different types of plants to create interesting patterns. You can make each flower stand out and create a smooth flow throughout the length of each box. You may also consider selecting creepers with small or large leaves to adorn your window grills.

  • Colored Bottles:

    By placing different size colored bottles on your window, you can create an effect of a stained glass window. You may want to select the size of the bottles depending on the width of your window ledge. You might also adorn your windows with some beautiful sculptures and interesting artefacts.

  • Experiment with Themes:

    To make dramatic changes to the look of your windows this season, why not consider with theme-based decoration? You might be dazzled by the unique look of your windows. You can try out different themes such as country or rustic theme, snow effect decoration, Christmas theme, etc or you can even create your own themes. The sky is the limit!

  • Attractive Blinds or Curtains:

    While choosing the colors for your window blinds, you might consider the particular effect you want to create. For example, to make your window the focal point, you might consider selecting contrasting blind colors to your wall color. This can help you infuse dramatic effect.

A good window decoration can add visual appeal to your windows both from the inside and from the outside. So, what are you waiting for? Be creative and transform the look of your windows with your unique touch.

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