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Home Remedies for Unclogging a Drain

Let it be your kitchen sink, wash basin or bathtub drain, clogged drain is one of the most common household problem experienced by everyone. Generally people take professional help for unclogging the drains but you can easily unclog a drain with the effective home remedies. Some of the effective home remedies for unclogging a drain are listed below:

  • Pour Hot Water:

    Pouring hot water in basins, sinks and tubs is one of the effective home remedies for unclogging a drain. Once you get rid of clogged drain make sure that on weekly basis you pour hot water in sinks, basins and bathtubs.

  • Vinegar and Baking Soda:

    This another effective home remedy for unclogging a drain. Put around A�A? cup of baking soda in the clogged drain and then A�A? cup of white vinegar. Cover the drain and allow it to stand overnight, next morning with hot water flush the drain.

  • Pour Hot Salt Water:

    Pouring hot salt water is highly effective in clearing material causing clogging. Before pouring hot water add some salt to it and then flush the clogged drains.

  • Mix Baking Soda and Salt:

    Mixture of washing soda and salt is effective home remedy for severely clogged drains. Mix washing soda and salt in equal quantities and put in the clogged drain followed with pouring boiling water. Leave it overnight and flush the drain with hot water.

  • Use Washing Soda:

    To 3 gallons of boiling water add 1lb of washing soda and pour inside the drain and leave it overnight. This is another effective home remedy for unclogging a drain.

  • Use Plunger:

    Besides unclogging toilets plunger is also effective in unclogging other drains. Place the plunger on the clogged drain and pump straight at least 15-20 times.

  • Use Plunger Snake:

    In case you find plunger ineffective then you can use snake plunger.

To prevent clogging of drains in future make sure that you avoid draining items that can clog the drain. And on the weekly basis flush hot water in all the drain, this is effective home remedy to prevent clogging of drains.

16 responses to Home Remedies for Unclogging a Drain

  1. Hey thanks!

    I just shaved and clogged the damn sink…at least I have a mustache, but I’ll give these a try! Thanks!


  2. Glad you kept the stache 😉

  3. My kitchen sink is giving me fits, im going to try the half and half idea. I will post if it works or not.

  4. The hot water with a plunger uncloged my tub drain after 5 mins of trying. 😀

  5. I lost a hammer in a clients sink drain and the hot salt water relly helped!

  6. I have a clogged kitchen sink drain with a garbage disposal. My wife was peeling potatoes and put the skins down all at once, rather than “feeding them gradually.” All of the hardware stores are closed and we’re looking for a home remedy.

  7. Helpful tips, I’ve always used vinegar and baking soda which does the trick.

  8. I don’t speak on many websites which i come across but I felt I couldn’t pass by the opportunity with this blog. Nice post. I can only wonder what you will really be writing in the forthcoming.

  9. The baking soda and vinegar really worked. Thanks for posting these remedies, very helpful.

  10. This really worked well. Used a small snake to remove the hair clog then the baking soda, vinegar and hot water. Will keep up this at least on a monthly schedule.. Thanks because I did NOT want to use a caustic chemical.

  11. Thank you for providing this list of home remedies, they will come in handy in the future I’m sure.

  12. I used the salt and lots of hot water. It really worked, thanks!

  13. pam said on July 24, 2011

    i need help unblocking my bath sink i have used draino n it has worked before however i used it again and it is not workin i think my drain is blocked from my son squashing the soap down any ideas???? Thank u

  14. Do these remedies work as well a clogged toilet??

  15. What is the difference between baking soda
    And washing soda? Where do you get
    Washing soda?

  16. I just tried the baking soda and vinegar and in less than a minute it had my kitchen drain unclogged! So glad I came across this! Thank you!