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How to Protect Your Home from Intruders?

We spend a lot of money and effort in building our perfect abode. Our home is where we want to feel safe and secured all the times. But some times, our home can become target of unwanted intruders when we fail to understand the importance of its safety. Proper security measure can help protect our families and possessions and force burglars to look elsewhere. LetA?a��a�?s check howA?a��A�

Tips to Protect Your Home from Intruders

Listed below are some tips to protect your home from intruders:

  • Lock the Doors with Right Locks before Leaving Your Home:

    Instead of using a standard lock, secure each entry doors with good quality dead bolt locks before leaving outside. Dead bolt lock does not have any angle; this can double the locking security, thereby proving enough resistance to burglars. You may want the dead bolt to be minimum an inch thick and extend at least an inch into the door frame.

  • Keep the Entryways, Stairwells, Porches, Yards, etc. Well Illuminated:

    Thieves generally like to operate in the cloak of darkness. Experts suggest that by keeping the entryways, stairwells, porches, parking areas, yards, etc. illuminated, you may deter intruders from entering your home. You can mount the lights high, so that it becomes difficult to unscrew them. You can also keep bushes, hedges and tree branches properly trimmed so that they are not used as hiding places.

  • Install Wide-Angle Peepholes in all the Exterior Doors:

    You may install a 200-degree peephole in your front door to get a better view of the gateway.

  • Invest in Fiberglass Doors:

    Wooden doors can allow easy break-ins. So, you might replace your front entryway with a fibreglass door; this can be much stronger and energy efficient than a wooden door.

  • Invest in Patio Bar to Protect Your Patio Door:

    The rear of a house can give an easy access to an intruder. You may equip the patio doors with a patio bar. A patio bar can prevent the door from sliding back in its track even if the lock is broken into.

  • Secure Your Windows with Proper Lock:

    Generally sash locks are commonly used in windows; you may secure them properly on wooden windows by drilling holes. You may want to avoid investing in sash locks that need keys to operate. This is because in case of emergency, it may be difficult for you to locate the keys to open the windows and make a quick exit.

Finally, strongest lock cannot guarantee a secured home. It is about what measures you take to discourage attention from unwanted intruders that makes a secured home.

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