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10 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Ants

Discovered ants in your kitchen cabinet? Now worried about how to get rid of ants? DonA?a��a�?t worry you can get rid off ants with few simple and effective home remedies. Some of the home remedies to kill ants are listed below:

  • White vinegar is considered to be effective home remedy to kill ants. Simply you have to spread white vinegar in areas affected by ants and you will get rid of ants in minutes.
  • You can use cucumber to get rid off ants. Ants donA?a��a�?t like the taste of cucumber. Placing small piece of cucumber in ants affected area will force them to leave your home.
  • Spray soap water on the entry points of ants as well as cabinets and other areas. This is another effective home remedy to get rid off ants permanently.
  • Crush dried mint leaves and spread the powder in areas prone to ant attack. You can even use mint tea bags. This is considered to be one of the effective home remedies to kill ants.
  • Add borax to sugar solution and dilute it a bit and spray it. This is considered to be highly effective home remedy to get rid of ants. You can even use borax in powder from to kill ants.
  • Spreading chili powder on the hives and nests of ants is the best way to prevent ants entering your house.
  • Another best way to check ants entering your house is to spray peppermint oil in all the room corners, kitchen and cabinets.
  • Table salt is also one of the effective home remedies to get rid of ants. Add salt to boiling water and prepare a salt solution. Now spray this salt solution in all corners of your house.
  • Placing bay leaves across the tracks of ants is another effective way to get rid off of Ants.
  • In the similar way you can spread cinnamon powder on the path followed by ants. This is considered to be effective way to march ants out of your house.

In case you are not satisfied with the results of the above mentioned home remedies, then it is advisable to take professional help.

44 responses to 10 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Ants

  1. thanks good site too about remedies for getting rid of ants

  2. I read in a Magic Book, that you can also mix vinegar and water together in a spray bottle which is what I do and then spray in corners and on ants which will stop them immediately.

  3. its great that you all put in the comments but everything that you’ve mention doesn’t work maybe for you but not for me. So I need some better rememdies to kill ants this does not work.

  4. I have ants coming in my bedroom windows. I’ve tried the ant spray and that doesn’t help for too long. I want to try the vinegar and water and was wondering how to mix it. Is it half water and half vinegar.

  5. wow…..VINEGAR….did work>…but i guess the best thing to get rid if ants is to “CLEAN”….well it worked for me….ass soon i past the vac..and picked up all the mess in my house tada* they were all gone…just like magic..:)

    ps. this home remedy works even with roches,rats, and mice.”GOOD LUCK”

  6. i would defenately like to try these remedies to get rid of ants . as its a big trouble for me with ants will be very thankful if it works.

  7. ok. thanks. we’ve had ant for MONTHS! and still can’t get rid of em’. We’re gonna try vinegar tomorrow though. so we’ll see if it actually works on our ants!

  8. I have a very clean house and constantly cleaning with different products and still get these ants, I am going to try all the remedies until I find the right one. Thanks for the ideas.

  9. Thanx !!! I was really sick n tired of these ants. I mean they seem to barge in every bit of food. They are very tiny ones n do not leave a single jar, packet or casserole from attacking, not even ghee…!!!! I’ll try the above remedies …hope they work !!!!

  10. o.m.g the soap water works …..crazy

  11. thank you kindly iv put black pepper and “yes” it worked a treat i hope its a permanent solution iv no idea what an ants nest looks like many thanks i had them on my pillow at bed time not nice lol

  12. I had ants. A whole ant colony! Thanks to you, problem solved. Where did you get the ideas.

  13. jyo said on May 5, 2010

    gamexine powder kills them almost instantly…try making spray out of it…even that works to a very good extent..

  14. I am so sick of the little freaks invading my home, so I’m willing to try everything suggested here to get rid of them. Thank you for posting the suggestions, and I’ll update on how its going later.

  15. The best solution
    I am from India
    I myself tried after doing many common things like red pepper ,cinnamon,soap water etc.,
    use pain balms that are used when we get pian in head or other parts of body like iodex,zandu balm,sensur or tiger balm
    just close the ants hole with it they will niether come out or nor go in but will try to make another hole to come ouf or in
    try again and again finally they will all stop making new homes…

  16. Whenever I see ants boldly trooping into my kitchen or bathroom, I take out my spray bottle of window cleaner or all purpose cleaner and spray their trails, corners and walls. It seems to discourage those little beasties and they go elsewhere. Both products are safe in the kitchen, although I would not spray the all purpose cleaner on the floor to prevent it from being a slipping hazard.

  17. Glass cleaner works. Watched them try to come in but got near the cleaner and turned around and back out they went. I know its a temp solution but at this time its the best. Wanted to try vinegar but didn’t want to over well the house with vinegar smell or at least make the wife sick.

  18. i have loads of ants in my kitchen coming out of tiny little whole and gaps between the cooker and dishwasher and the flooring!!! They are soooo annoying i feel like squishing them ut i just take a vaccum and suck them in… LOL!! BUT MORE AND MORE KEEP COMING!! ARRRGGHH!!

  19. they invaded my sprite can when i got home from work, i watched where they headed back and wiped the lot of them out with washing up liquid, beer, laundry powder in a bottle gave it a shake and sprayed all them, found they were coming from outside my front door, covered the areas with laundry powder, will watch now and see over the next few days how it turns out.

    will keep you posted

  20. it work thank you! <3 <3

  21. De said on April 28, 2011

    I also recommend Borax – especially if you have pets because its safer than pesticides – sprinkle borax in trouble areas and let it sit for a day then you can vaccuum it up – this seems to work really well for controlling a lot of insects – I’ve been able to deter Ants, Fleas, and Stink bugs using borax. You can find it in the laundry aisle – most common brand is 20 Mule Team – I first learned about this when we had a really bad infestation of fleas – took about a week, and 3 treatments because of how bad they were, but I haven’t seen any fleas since. I now make this part of my regular cleaning every couple of months.

  22. Had big black ants in the kitchen, crawling up the walls and along the counter tops. I think they were coming up the pipes in the dishwasher. Used 1/2 c of vinegar and ran the dishwasher in the rinse cycle, and wiped down the walls and the counter top with vinegar. Saw the results immediately, a day and I am down to one ant today… Thanks

  23. Beth said on May 15, 2011

    I had some that had got in my car one day, because something got spilled and I had a bottle of window cleaner in there and decided to try it and it worked like magic!

  24. jen said on June 5, 2011

    I do not leave food out or leave crumbs on the counters, etc., but the little buggers keep coming in….I am going to try vinegar. thanks.

  25. With a lot of glass cleaners, the main ingredient, is vinegar.

  26. None of these worked…the ants enjoyed the pieces of cucumber very much. It was a little treat for them

  27. Sky said on June 23, 2011

    so i tried the cinnamon….
    i saw a bunch of ants on my kitchen floor but they didnt have a line they were just wandering all over the place.
    looked up how to get rid of ants with home remedies BAM cinnamon!
    i put some in my hand and started to sprinkle it on them
    they desperately wanted to get away! so i sprinkled around them to trap them into a circle
    took out my broom and wiped them away :)
    no more ants in that section anymore

  28. We’ve been inundated with the tiny ants aka sugar or sweet ants. Undiluted white vinegar took care of the problem within a few hours. I poured around bottom of outside entrances & used plastic spray bottle to spray around window/patio/all door frames!!!!!

  29. So what do I do if they’re in my LAPTOP?!

  30. Kat said on July 2, 2011

    Spray of vinegar water worked instantenously. Absolutely pleased and amazed!!! Thank you so much. Not a single ant any more!!!

  31. Will the white vinegar work for fire ants because somehow they have come into my home and are everywhere..


  33. I tried spraying the strongest perfume I had, where they were coming in and they instantly died! Amazing! They ran back where they came from and made my house smell better! 2 birds with 1 stone!!!!

  34. I am sick of these ants lyk truely,I cnt evn sit down on the floor by the,they jst invade especially when you in university and trying to study,will really be needing some ideas to get rid of em!

  35. ive just went through this.. the trick for me was: mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle spray and clean all the areas you have seen the ants.. at the same time light a scented candle in the room. (if there is a smoker in the house this will get the smoke smell out as well)

  36. Thanks jess,I wil defnitly try that out.

  37. just had driveway done and must of disturbed a colony….there are coming out of every where ! help plz !

  38. very very good 😛 :O D: :)

  39. i know ten ways to keep ants alive

  40. hi ive got ants in the whole house had them for 5 years now so need help please but cant find the nest ive used eveything on the market to get rid of ants and still got them

  41. Vinegar Got Rid Of The Ants!!! ONLY Temp Fix Though. I Do Not Want To Use Pestisides, But Will if If Have To!

  42. vinegar and salt both didn’t work for me, but once I combined the two, it really worked! you can just watch those damn ants die.

  43. OMG!!! I’m almost 60yrs old & never heard the ‘cucumber’ remedy 4 ANTS. Cucumbers REALLY work, & fast too, My boyfriend; I were totally stoked. The kitchen smells good afterward too. THX

  44. Hope, it work thank you!