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Why Use A Self-Closing Hinge ?

Self-closing hinge is a kind of hinge which shuts the door back after it has been opened.A�A� Just a little push after gettingA�A� what you want from the cabinet can help the door to close. This is very useful for the kitchen cabinet as you do not have to shut the door back every time you fetchA�A� something. Self closing door hinges are also used in child safety gates, hospitals and farms.

A self-closing hinge has two metal pieces joined by the pin. The hinge is also spring mounted. When the door is opened, the metal pieces move away from each other. A small push will make the door shut back due to the action of the spring.

Self-closing hinge is useful in kitchen. If you have a flour or other ingredient in your hands, a self-closing hinge keep the door from getting the residue over it. This will promote cleanliness and comfort. Keeping the doors closed when they are not used will also keep kitchen clean and free from contamination.

Self-closing door hinges help to keep the doors closed except when someone wants to enter through it. Child Safety gates have self-closing hinge, which prevents the child from access to certain areas of the room and keeps them safe. These gates can be installed at the two ends of the staircase or at the entrance to the bathroom.

A self-closing door hinge comes in various metals such as copper, brass, steel or covered with different colors. Most custom cabinets come with a self-closing hinge. Maintenance with some oil can keep the hinge movement smooth.

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