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Ring Shank Nails

Ring shank nails or deformed shank nails are the nails which have grooves or ridges along the shanks. Shank is that part which usually penetrates inside the wood.

The nails of ring shank are more powerful in their holdings because they act as wedges to keep the nail firmly in its place so that it could not pop out. It is for the same reason that these are mostly used in construction and especially in the roofing. They are commonly used with the nail guns.

The nails of ring shank are very much similar to the screws the only difference between them is that nails of ring shank have flat head. These nails are available in multiple patterns depending upon the brands and their intended use.

Some varieties will have shallow rings which provides less amount of the grip whereas some will have larges ridges while others will have spiral grooves. All these designs are made keeping in mind the various requirements.

Difference Between Normal Nails And Ring Shank Nails:

The differebce between the normal nails and ring shank nails can be summarized in the following points:

  • The nails of ring shrank are made for the special purpose like permanent construction, soft woods etc. as they provide a greater grip than the narmal nails.
  • The nails of rings are difficult in removing due to the presence of shanks which leaves a large hole behind once removed. This is not the case with normal nails.
  • Athough these nails look like screws but are not meant for the same purpose.
  • While working on the soft wood the ordinary nail pops out due to intense pressure but ring shank are kept in position under intense pressure also due to the deformed shanks.

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