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Feng Shui Apartment

Feng shui is considered to bring wealth and peace in your environment. So, it is necessary that when you purchase a new apartment it must be designed according to feng shui. An apartment which is not designed according to feng shui can bring bad luck to the members of the family.

There are few tips which must be kept in the mind while purchasing a new apartment. These tips are mentioned below.

Tips For Feng Shui Apartment:

The tips which must be kept in mind while purchasing a apartment comprise of 3 Ps. These 3 Ps stands for A?a��a�?

Path of energy, Plenty of windows and Pastel Colored kitchen.

  • Path Of Energy:

    This is one of the basic of energy. It means that energy must flow freely through out the house. This is possible only when cross ventilation between the windows will be there. This cross ventilation will enable the flow of both the positive energy and negative energy. But none of them will stay back they will come and go according to your time. On the other hand, absence of cross ventilation will make them static which is harmful.

  • Plenty Of Windows:

    Presence of a lot of windows will enable sunlight and fresh air to enter into your room. This enables the flow of positive energy and good luck inside your house. So, while purchasing a new apartment make sure that it has a lot of windows in it.

  • Pastel Colored Kitchen:

    According to Feng shui, pastel color in the kitchen brings about positive energy in the kitchen. Therefore, while purchasing a new apartment make sure that it has pastel color in the kitchen.

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