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Feng Shui Directions

According to feng shui there are 8 aspirations in the house. These aspirations can be calculated with the help of a compass reading or by mapping your floor.

8 Life Aspirations And Their Locations In The House:

  • East A?a��a�? Health and Family
  • West A?a��a�? Children and Creativity
  • North – Career
  • South A?a��a�? Fame and Reputation
  • North East A?a��a�? Knowledge
  • North West A?a��a�? Networking and helpful people
  • South East – Wealth
  • South West A?a��a�? Love and Partnership

Feng Shui Kua Numbers And Luck Directions:

Kua numbers can also be used to detect your lucky direction. In order to find your Kua number you have to follow the simple steps:

  • Just add the last 2 digits of your year of birth. For instance your year of birth is 1972. Then add 7+2=9.
  • Now, if you are a male, just deduct that number from 10. Like, 10 A?a��a�? 9 = 1. So, the Kua number of this male is 1.
  • Similarly, if you are a female them add 5 to this number. Like, 9 + 5 = 14. Then, 1 + 4 =5. So, the Kua number of this female will be 5.

Now, the Kua Numbers are divided into East or West group.

East Group Comprises of A?a��a�? 1,3,4,9 Kua Numbers
West Group Comprises of A?a��a�? 2,5,6,7,8 Kua Numbers.

For Kua No. 1 The Lucky Directions Are:

  • Health : East
  • Romance: South
  • Success: South A?a��a�? East

For Kua No. 2 The Lucky Directions Are:

  • Health : West
  • Romance: North – West
  • Success: North A?a��a�? East

For Kua No. 3 The Lucky Directions Are:

  • Health : North
  • Romance: South – East
  • Success: South

For Kua No. 4 The Lucky Direction Are:

  • Health: South
  • Romance: East
  • Success: North

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