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Feng Shui Coins


Chinese Coins

are symbols of wealth. They represent abundance (more quantity of something). Place 3 coins or in multiples of 3 of Chinese coins tied together in a red ribbon in purse or drawer. It attracts money. To start improving your finances, bury 3 coins in a bamboo plant and place it in your work place.
Small sized coins can be kept in Chinese envelopes. Then they can be placed on door frames, wallets, mantles, etc. Large coins can be kept as display pieces as well as they increase wealth.
These Chinese coins show signs of prosperity and good fortune. They are being used from ancient times. That time, they were used for protection against diseases, evil power and attract wealth.
This coin is a replica of the ancient coin. It has a square hole in the centre. It represents the meet of heaven and earth. You can also wear it.
At home, you can tie 3-6 coins with a string and hang it inside over the main door. It indicates that money is always present in your house.

Using Feng Shui Coins:

  • Hang it inside over the main door. It protects money and represents that your money.
  • To attract more money in your house, place the coins under your carpet.
  • Place the coins in your invoice book with a tape.
  • Put it in the wallet to attract more money.
  • You can put it in your handbag for protection.
  • Place it in the cash register of your store to bring in more customers for the business.
  • stick it to the telephone or fax for increasing in business.

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