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What are Lotus Effect Paints and Roof Tiles

According to an estimate, it costs nearly $1,500-$3,000 for an average single-story, three-bedroom home to be painted externally. The cost easily run $3,000-$5,500 in the case of a multi-storey house. To paint a 3000 square foot home externally, nearly 15 gallons of paint is required. The cost of average quality paint per gallon is $25-$40. Premium quality paint costs $50-$100 per gallon. In spite of spending money, there is no guarantee provided to the clients by the dealers of these paints about their quality.

What if the walls of our house are painted with substances which do not allow water to stay at all. The dealers be more than happy to provide us five years of guarantee on his product. No worries of stains from dust and fungi. Well, such paints are a reality, based on something called Lotus effect in nature. This article chronicles in brief about how paints and roof tails, prepared based on this principle are of extremely high quality and efficiency.

Benefits of Paints and Roof Tiles Prepared from Lotus Effect Principle:

  • Engineers in Germany for the first time prepared a house paint called Lotusan in 1999.
  • These paints contain special substances known as fluorochemical or silicone treatments.
  • According to an estimation, there are more than 500,000 houses painted with Lotusan paints all over the world.
  • The paint comes with a guarantee that it needs no detergents or sand blasting for a period of five years from the date of its use.
  • The self cleaning property of this paint do not allow rain water to stay on the wall.
  • This makes the walls be free from any stains caused by the growth of fungi or algae on them.

German Botanist Dr. Wilhelm Barthlott at the University of Bonn made an important discovery in 1970. He found out how dirt cannot stay on the leaves of lotus flower. Using a very powerful microscope he found that the structure of a lotus leaf is like a bed of nails. When dirt falls on it, it gets cut down in irregular manner. Water droplets then easily clean these extremely small and scattered pieces of dirt. This technique is called Lotus effect.

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  1. French shingle tiles are more uniform but available in varying sizes and thicknesses.

  2. We always choose metal roofing instead of ceramic roofing because we believe that metal roofs last longer.,,’

  3. metal roofings should be the best, they are sturdy and can be replaced easily