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Dollar Saving Doors – Energy Efficient Doors

Doors not only add beauty to your home but can also save your money and power if properly installed. If you are about to replace your present door or building a new home, then, this is the right time for you to make the right choice of installing an energy efficient door. Here is the information of the type of doors available.

What is an Energy Efficient Door?

An energy efficient door creates a good seal between the inside and outside. This helps in conserving energy as it dramatically reduces the exchange of cold or hot air with the outdoors. This directly impacts the reduction of greenhouse gases.

What are the types of Energy Efficient Doors available?

The best energy efficient doors are made of wood-clad steel or fiber glass which is then filled with polyurethane foam. To raise the bar of being more eco-friendly, look out for recycled steel. Wooden doors are wonderful but they are generally expensive and they are prone to weather damage.

How to Choose an Energy conserving door?

  • Before you go to the market to choose and buy a new door do remember to take the dimensions of the opening where you want to fix the door.
  • Decide in the first place, which kind of door suits your climate. Now, when you go out for shopping look out for the National Fenestration Rating Council label on the door you choose. As this helps you understand how energy efficient it is.
  • Finding a door with a magnetic weatherstripping further reduces the heat losses.
  • While choosing a glass door, look out for the ratings, for example, the R rating, which helps you understand how resistant the glass is when exposed to heat. The higher the R value, the greater its resistance.
  • And the U value which helps you know how much heat can pass through the glass. The lower the U value, the lesser the heat goes through.

Once you get your door installed you can enjoy the pleasure of avoiding both heat and money loss.

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