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Cool Things To Do with Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes are not just a waste thing. You can do interesting things with these boxes. If there are piles of shoe boxes in your closet, do not throw them thinking that these are of no use. Instead, you can make several uses of shoe boxes. Some interesting ways to do with shoe boxes are described in this article, read the following lines for more information.

Ways to Use Shoe Boxes

Ways to Use Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes can be used in the following interesting ways:

  • Play bricks storage

    A?a��a�? Your kid must be having collection of creative building bricks. You can use shoe boxes to store playing bricks. They can also be made into building bricks. Use tape on lids and make into small boxes. You can also let your child to color these boxes with poster colors.

  • Gift ribbon dispenser

    A?a��a�? It becomes irritating when you are packing a gift and you do not find the ribbons for last touch up of gift packing. Get a garden stake which you can use as a small dowel, which should be cut a little longer than the shoe box. 2 holes should be cut in the box, which should be high enough that the ribbon spool will be able to spin inside. Ribbon spools should be slipped over the dowel as you poke it from one end to the other. To keep the dowel in place, duct tape over both the ends of the dowel. You are ready to wrap your gift now.

  • To organize your stuff

    A?a��a�? Shoe boxes can help you organize your lots of stuff beside besides collecting receipts and old photos. You can collect some boxes and label them to store reminders, bills which are to be paid, cancelled checks and various other items you want to keep track of. To give a clean and neat look, you can cover the shoe box with a decorative self adhesive paper.

  • Pack yummy gifts

    A?a��a�? Shoe boxes can be made to pack homemade bread and cookies also. Shoe boxes are the perfect size for these stuff to pack.

  • Temporary beds for pets

    A?a��a�? Shoe boxes can be used as a perfect home for puppies and baby kittens.

The above are a few interesting ways to use shoe boxes.

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