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How to Make Garden Stakes

Garden stakes are one of the impressive ways to display plants in pots inside the home and in the gardens. Making garden stakes is a fun thing to do and can be created in stained glass with descriptions of seed bead to add color to your landscapes. Garden stakes is also a simple way to display what you have planted in your garden. You can do this as a project with kids or alone too. Its a quick task to accomplish. The article discusses process to make garden stakes.

Ways to Make Garden Stakes

Ways to Make Garden Stakes

The following are some of the steps to make garden stakes:

  • Decide the size of the stake. A foot size should be enough to view the stake over the plants.
  • Wear your safety glasses and then start the work. Place the wood to be cut on the utility table, which you do not mind if cut accidentally. Cut a half an inch piece of wood into thin boards which will be used as stakes. Prepare as many stakes as you want for your garden.
  • Cut the bottom of seed packets, which can expose them completely. Enough room should be allowed for the packets to be placed over the stakes. Do not remove the name of the plant.
  • Place a little amount of hot glue on either side of the stake. Quickly take the seed packet and place it on the stake. Slightly press the packet so that it adheres to the stake.
  • Now, bring these stakes to your garden and while matching the packets of seeds to the rows where same seeds have been planted. Stakes can be sticked the into ground, which makes them secure and they do not fall. Small mounds of soil can be created and these stakes can be inserted into them, which also makes them stand during the windy and stormy season.

The above are a few ways to make garden stakes.

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