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Things To Do with Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is one of the easily available and things. Everybody is aware of all the beauty benefits it can give. There are various other uses of petroleum jelly which can do wonders. It can not only be used to protect chapped skin, but it can also be used to give your leather jacket a makeover and to protect doorknobs. The article discusses about some interesting ways to use petroleum jelly.

Things To Do with Petroleum Jelly

Ways to Use Petroleum Jelly

The following are a few interesting ways to use petroleum jelly:

  • Make Emergency makeup

    A?a��a�? It is an excellent to prepare makeup, when you are run out of your favorite shades of eye shadow or lipstick. It’s very simple and easy to make your own. Get food color of your choice and mix it in the petroleum jelly. Now apply it as a eye shadow or lipstick. It can also be used to make a quick blush.

  • As a soothing agent for paws of pets

    A?a��a�? Your cat’s or dog’s paw can sometimes get dry and cracked. You can provide a tender care by applying small amounts of petroleum jelly on their paws. It can stop pain from cracked paws. It is sure they will love you for this.

  • While painting mask doorknobs

    A?a��a�? When you are painting the family room, paint can stick on the metal fixtures like doorknobs. To avoid paint dribbling on the doorknobs, protect them by applying petroleum jelly. When the painting work is finished, wipe off the jelly and the unwanted paint is gone.

  • Repair leather jackets

    A?a��a�? Instead of purchasing expensive leather jacket moisturizer to protect your favorite leather jackets, petroleum jelly can do the job very well. Apply a little amount of petroleum jelly on the jacket, rub it and then wipe off the excess amounts. Now, you are ready to go to your destination.

  • Protection for stored chrome

    A?a��a�? When you want to store your kid’s bike for winter and stow the stroller until your next baby arrives, get some petroleum jelly and apply on the chrome parts. They will be rust free when you take them out the next time. This method also applies to the machinery stored in the garage.

  • Stop squeaking

    A?a��a�? Petroleum jelly can be used to lubricate metal parts and drawers. It is an oil residue and can stand in for WD-40.

  • Remove gum from hair

    A?a��a�? Take a small quantity of petroleum jelly and massage it onto the gum which surrounding hair until the gum slips off. Application of jelly works better than the peanut butter.

  • Improvise mascara

    A?a��a�? Apply a tiny amount of petroleum jelly on fingertips, hold in front of eye lashes and blink. This is the best method of makeup for girls who are a bit young for makeup.

  • Nail paint run off

    A?a��a�? Before coloring your nails, if you smear a little amount of petroleum jelly on the skin around nails, it becomes easy to remove unwanted mistakes of nail paint application.

  • Makeup remover

    A?a��a�? It is an easy way to remove makeup. Apply small amounts of jelly on the areas of makeup and gently wipe off the makeup with a cotton ball or tissue.

  • Remove a stuck ring

    A?a��a�? If your wedding ring is stuck in the finger, try to get it off by applying petroleum jelly and it will slide easily.

  • No tears shampoo for baby

    A?a��a�? You are going to buy a no tears shampoo for your baby, forget about it. Apply some petroleum jelly on your baby’s eyebrows. It will act as a protecting shield to shampoo for running into your baby’s eyes.

The above are a few extraordinary uses of petroleum jelly.

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