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Things to do With Zippers

Zippers are commonly used for various purposes such as fastening pants, jackets and other accessories. Nowadays, zippers have been used for various household items and in a variety of different ways. Read this article to get more information on how to make your own accessories and how to keep your expensive stuff safe by making use of the spare zippers in your house.

Ways to Use Zippers

The following are some of the interesting ways to use zippers:

  • Sock puppet

    A?a��a�? You can create a happy sock puppet which will make your kid to stay happy for long hours. For making its eyes and nose, just sew buttons and some black yarn for its hair. For its mouth, use a tiny upturned zipper and make it smile.

  • Keep your valuable safe

    A?a��a�? When you go out on a vacation and nothing would be more hurting than to know that when you reach into your pocket, you will find that your stuff has been picked.

  • Make convertible pants

    A?a��a�? It is a great idea for bikers and hikers who love light travelling. Cut your jeans or any other pants which is comfortable above the knee. After cutting them, reattach with zippers. When the weather gets warm, remove off the legs and when you feel evenings and mornings cool, just zip them back. This way you can lighten your load and you also do not need to look for a place to change.

  • Make friendship bracelets

    A?a��a�? Give your kids something new by making a zipper into a bracelet. Velcro pads can be sewn on each end to fasten it.

The above are a few interesting things to do with zippers.

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