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How To Remove Iron from Well Water

The high amount of iron in drinking water is not typically considered as a hazard for health, but the taste and color may force you to get rid of iron from water. Iron present in water can stain your accessories and dishes, sometimes with an unpleasant odor. Large amounts of iron in water can lead to clogging of water pipes, shower nozzles and sprinkler heads. It can damage the devices like dishwashers, washing machines and water pipes. This article talks about some of the ways to remove iron from well water.


Ways to Remove Iron from Well Water

Excess amount of iron in drinking water gives a metallic taste and also causes the cooked food to turn black while cooking. Consuming these foods and drinking this water makes some people to store iron in the body. Iron rich water also accompanies manganese to be present in water, which can also lead to other health hazards. The following are a few ways to remove iron from well water:

  • Water sample

    A?a��a�? Send a water sample to your nearest laboratory for testing. This will help you to determine which treatment is best for removing iron from water.

  • Water softener

    A?a��a�? Iron in clear water require a water softener.

  • Filtration devices

    A?a��a�? Red water due to iron can be removed by using water filtration units. This special filtration unit is called manganese green sand filter, which serves the best purpose to clean iron impurities in water.

  • Multi stage iron removal process

    A?a��a�? Tannin and organic iron can be removed by a various stages removal process. This method first treats the water chemically and then filter it physically.

  • If the water supply in your house has iron bacteria, then chlorine works best which kills the bacteria and do not remove iron. This leftover iron can be removed by various above described processes.

The above are a few effective measures to remove iron from well water.

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