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Things To Do with Conditioner

Hair conditioners make your hair look beautiful. But, do you know there are several other uses of conditioners too in household activities. It can be used on your face, shoes and various tools used in house. This article talks about some of the excellent uses of conditioners, read on for some more information.


Various Uses of Hair Conditioners

The following are a few uses of hair conditioners:

  • Remove makeup

    A?a��a�? There is no need to buy expensive make up removers when hair conditioners can be used instead of remover. Apply hair conditioner over the face and remove it with a cotton. You can remove your make up in such a less price than branded makeup removers.

  • Shoes protection

    A?a��a�? During winters to keep your boots and shoes away from chemicals and salts, later them with hair conditioners. This will protect them from the harsh winters. Hair conditioner is a good leather conditioner.

  • Smooth shaving for legs

    – After you finished off shaving your legs, which may leave them irritated and rough. Rub a little amount of hair conditioner on shaved legs. This works like a lotion and acts as a soothing agent.

  • Clean silk garments

    A?a��a�? There is a low cost alternative to your expensive silk garments, which are meant for dry cleaning only. Dry cleaning can be a costly option for every cloth. To clean your silk garments, fill the a bucket with cold water for colored cloth and lukewarm water for whites. Then mix a tablespoon of hair conditioner in it and dip the cloth to be cleaned. Let it remain in the bucket for a few minutes and then take it out, rinse well and dry in shade.

  • Prevents tools rusting

    A?a��a�? To take care of your tools in your tool kit, apply hair conditioner over them. This will prevent rusting on tools.

The above are a few interesting things to do with conditioner.

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