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Cafe Curtains for Kitchen

Cafe curtains, as the name suggests, these are hung from the windows in cafes. Lower part of the window are screened with curtains to provide privacy. The cafe style curtains grace all sorts of windows and can spice up your kitchen also. In fact, cafe curtains are the best selling styles for the kitchen as it lets the light to enter the room and glows up the decor. Some interesting facts about cafe curtains are discussed in this article.


Beauty of Cafe Curtains in Kitchen

When you want to bring revitalizing energy in your kitchen and also want to make the decor beautiful, then you must adorn your kitchen windows with cafe curtains. They are available in different styles and colors, which are suitable for different kinds of interiors. Some tips to choose cafe curtains for your kitchen are discussed below:

  • As the traditional curtains are hung from the top of windows, the cafe curtains are usually half curtains and hung from the middle of the windows.
  • To give a traditional look to your kitchen, you can adorn the brass rods with modest finial. These kind of brass rods are also suitable for hanging cafe curtains.
  • Full length curtain panels can be hung over cafe curtains when you want more privacy. Decorate the window with a cornice matching with the cafe curtain. So, next time when you open the full length curtains, a wonderful layered effect of curtains will be revealed.
  • To give a cottage styled look to your kitchen, you can hang cafe curtains on the wrought iron rod.
  • A see through tinted plastic which is prepared from recycled shower curtains can be a fun way to hang cafe curtains in your kitchen.
  • If you want to give a modern decor to your kitchen, steel curtain rods can be used for this purpose.
  • Decorative poles can also be used to hang cafe curtains along with the use of curtain wires.
  • To give illusion effect in your kitchen, hang one cafe curtain on the to of window and other in the middle of the window and top curtain should be shorter than the lower one.

The above are a few ways to hang cafe curtains for kitchen.

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