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Important Kitchen Curtain Patterns

Choosing a particular pattern for your kitchen can sometimes seem to be a daunting task. There are those who think that kitchen patterns do not make any significant difference to your kitchen and they neglect them. Although it may seem like a small detail, the fact is that if you neglect this factor in your kitchen decor, it can spoil the whole look of your kitchen. This is because these patterns are embedded or imprinted on the curtains, and they constitute an additional decor to your kitchen. That is why curtain patterns should be given extra importance. There are numerous kitchen curtain patterns available on the market from which you can choose. This article discusses various kitchen curtain patterns, so read on for more information.

Kitchen Curtain Pattern

Patterns for Kitchen Curtains

The following are some of the most well-known kitchen curtain patterns:

  • Brocade

    This one is a very popular kitchen curtain pattern and best suits a simply decorated kitchen. This pattern stands out from others because it is typically floral and has an attractive raised design. These patterns are generally available on cotton, wool or silk curtains. Brocade also ranges from medium to thick weight.

  • Calico

    Calico is a pattern usually found printed onto cotton fabric. This is a simple pattern and it gives an elegant look, especially to kitchen curtains. These patterns also consist of repeated floral designs.

  • Chintz

    If you want to hang some bright and colorful curtains, then you should purchase chintz, which is a popular pattern on cotton. This pattern has a smooth and shiny finish, which is one of the reasons to choose this pattern.

  • Damask

    Damask is a suitable pattern for silk fabric. Satin fabric with damask patterns are also available, which are raised on the curtaina��s flat background. A damask pattern gives a royal look to your kitchen.

  • Matelasse

    This is another beautiful pattern inspired by brocade and damask. This design is raised to give it a slightly puckered look. This gives an informal look without finishing. The matelasse pattern is best for giving a simple look to your kitchen.

  • Dotted Swiss

    There are also curtains available with a pattern known as dotted Swiss. This is a 3D polka design over the curtains, created either by weaving the dots into or embroidering the polka dots onto the curtains. This is a good way to create a fun theme for your kitchen.

  • Embroidery

    Embroidered curtains are never out of the fashion and they always give a rich look and create an inviting atmosphere in your kitchen. Embroidery looks good on stiff material such as poplin. There are various options of embroidery to choose from, either machine-made or handmade. It is the perfect choice to give a traditional look to your kitchen.

  • Fleur de lys

    This is one of the old-fashioned curtain patterns available in the market these days. It is characterized by a 3 petal floral design in a repeated fashion on the cloth. This style is quite similar to brocade and damask. Fleur de lys is generally done with a light colored thread on a background which is darker than the weaving.

  • Gingham

    This is a pattern which gives a simple and sober look to your kitchen. This pattern is characterized by checks. Gingham is a highly popular pattern in many kitchens.

  • Paisley

    It is a multicolored pattern that is printed on thin cotton fabric. If you want to give your kitchen a well-aired appearance then you can go for this pattern.

  • Patterns of vegetables and fruits on kitchen curtains are very much in fashion these days. You can choose this pattern to go with the theme of your kitchen.

One important tip while decorating your kitchen is to think of the theme for your kitchen before choosing the curtain patterns. This will make your work easier. Cover your walls with solid colors and take down any wallpaper, as the patterns will look better on solid colors and wallpaper can make the look a little too cluttered.

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