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Tuscan Style Kitchen Curtains

Nowadays, giving a style to your kitchen is becoming a popular trend among people. Tuscan style kitchen curtains are one of the best ways to decorate your kitchen with. Tuscan style kitchen theme has evolved from he architectural methods of the Italian Renaissance. This style is generally based on earth tones, warm colors, faux marble counter tops and gold adornments. Some information about Tuscan style kitchen curtains are shared in this article.

Tuscan Kitchen Curtains

Ways to Decorate Kitchen In Tuscan Style Curtains

The following are a few ways to decorate your kitchen in Tuscan style curtains:

  • One of the important things to remember while decorating your kitchen in Tuscan style curtains is the choice of color for curtains and other things in the kitchen.
  • Tuscan style kitchens usually appreciate warm earthy colors which give a rustic feeling to your kitchen.
  • You can also combine terracotta, golden yellows and burnt orange shades with burgundy and browns, or can also choose shades from Mediterranean style sea-blues or olive greens.
  • Try not to choose very bright shades or pastel tones, instead use weathered or muted tones of your opted colors.
  • Tuscan curtains have floral prints such as sunflower and roses,which have a timeless appeal.
  • They also come in orchard prints like red cherries, apple and buzzing grapes vine, which are a perfect choice for kitchen curtains.
  • For those who try to be different, can choose magnificence of bold check and stripes.

To match Tuscan curtains to your walls, decorate walls with textured paints, which should not be smooth, because a real Tuscan farmhouse kitchen is roughly plastered. Counter tops can be made from granite, slate, marble and limestone. For flooring, terracotta can give a real Tuscan feeling in your kitchen. Furniture in your kitchen should be old and rustic to match with Tuscan curtains. If these ideas are kept in mind while decorating your kitchen in Tuscan style, these can help you in giving a real Tuscan feeling.

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