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How to Remove Scratches on Leather Furniture

There is no doubt that leather furniture looks amazing and gives a classy appearance to your home. Unfortunately, due to negligence, scratches can often be spotted on leather furniture, and they give it a damaged and untidy appearance. Scratches can regularly be seen in houses where there are pets like cats and dogs because they cause scratches with their claws. You can easily fix scratches on leather furniture by yourself at home. This article deals with various ways to repair scratches on leather, so read on for more information.

How to Repair Scratches on Leather Furniture

Ways to Remove Scratches on Leather Furniture

The following are a few effective ways to repair scratches on leather furniture:

Olive oil

Dab a small amount of olive oil onto a clean, soft cloth. Rub it over the scratched surface in a circular motion. Olive oil helps to bind the leather back together and also give it flexibility. Some light scratches can be repaired by using this method.

Damp cloth

Get a damp cloth and lightly press it onto the scratched leather. The cloth should not be dripping wet, but it should be damp enough to leave wet residue when removed. This method is effective in fixing slightly deeper scratches.


Heat the iron slightly and press it over a damp cloth because heating will bring up the natural oils of the leather and help to fix the scratches.

Shoe polish

Get leather shoe polish in a color that matches your furniture and apply it to deeper scratches which cana��t be repaired by the above methods. Polish is used to disguise the scratched area. Using a cotton swab applicator, apply the polish. Polish will not only help in binding the scratch, but also camouflage it well.

The above are some of the ways to remove scratches on leather furniture.

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