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How to Clean Black Spots on Mirror

Black spots look ugly on a mirror and there are several causes of black spots. If the black spots are visible on the edges of mirror, they are caused because of the cleaning product used to clean the mirror. Black spots if seen in the middle of the mirror, they are because of the moisture or cleaning agent reaching the back of mirror.

Sometimes due to aging, mirrors can show black spots. Unfortunately, there is no effective way to remove these black spots. One of the most effective way to repair black spots is to get the mirror silvered again, which can be a costly affair. This article deals with various ways to clean black spots on mirror, read on for more information.

How to Clean Black Spots on Mirror

Ways to Clean Black Spots on Mirror

To hide the damage on a mirror, you will need liquid lead, decorative glass beads, stained glass paint and mirror stripping. The following are a few ways to clean black spots and hide the damage on mirror:

  • If the black spots are visible around the edges of mirror, you can make a frame of different materials to cover it up. This method requires you to be a little creative.
  • Get some decorative glass beads or tiles and can be glued on the sides of the mirror. If there are some of the spots away from the edge, you can stick some beads on the top of spot to add glamor to your mirror.
  • You can get some mirror stripping available in the markets nowadays to make a frame and keep the edges of the mirror in proper working condition.
  • You can also remove the mirror and lay it flat on the surface. With the help of liquid lead, fill it in with stained glass paint to give an original look to the mirror.
  • There is one other method to clean black spots on mirror. Get your screwdriver and other hard wares needed to separate the mirror from the frame. Carefully separate the mirror from the frame so that back side of mirror is exposed to you.
  • Pick the mirror up and see it through a light source to identify the dark spots.
  • Take small pieces of aluminum foils and with the help of clear adhesive tapes, stick the foil pieces over the spots. Ensure that shiny sides of aluminum foil should face the front of the mirror and pieces should be laid flat and smooth.
  • Now, replace the mirror back on the frame when all the black spots have been covered.

Ways to Re-silver Mirror

If you antique mirror is severely damaged, then re-silvering the mirror can be the best option. This process can be done by yourself for much less. This method will require you to get a face mask, a razor scraper, a chemical silver remover and 1/8A?a��A? mirror cut to the size exactly to your mirror. The following are a few steps to re-silver your mirror:

  • If the mirror is antique, it may have been made with mercury and other materials harmful to us. If you are doing it by yourself, make sure you wear protective gloves and face mask to protect you from any injury.
  • Remove the mirror and place it on a flat surface.
  • With the help of a razor scraper, carefully remove the remaining silver backing on the mirror. Dispose off the scraping carefully to avoid contamination.
  • You can use a chemical silver remover if razor is not that useful.
  • The easiest method is to get a new mirror and place it beside the old glass. The other possible method is to place a new silver coating on the back of the old mirror, though it is quite difficult.
  • Now, fasten the 1/8A?a��A? mirror on the back of glass and return it to its original position.
  • The mirror will look good as new.

The above described methods are some of the effective methods to clean black spots on mirror. Though, re-silvering can make your mirror look like new. If you think that re-silvering is better option for your old mirror, then go further and get it silvered again, otherwise above methods are just quick fix and the results can’t match to re-silvering.

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