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Canopy Bed Ideas

No doubt canopy beds add class and elegance to your bedroom. Canopy beds can be versatile, adding exotic elements and romance to your bedroom. These styles of bed have evolved from the finest four poster bed with the draping of fabric over and around the bed to the frame above. Various types of canopy beds and different ideas to decorate them are discussed in this article, read on for more information.

Canopy Bed Ideas

Types of Canopy Beds

The following are two types of canopy beds –

  • Traditional canopy bed

    A?a��a�? This type of canopy beds aim to reflect a Victorian aesthetic. Traditional canopy beds use metal, wood or the combination of two. These beds use heavy and embroidered drape which has pleats.

  • Contemporary canopy bed

    A?a��a�? This type of canopy bed reflects subtleness and delicacy. This style often uses geometric, sharp designs as the covering. These beds are concerned with soft and tender fabrics.

Canopy Bed Decorating Ideas

  • Make a series of curtain rods and fix them on the ceiling above the bed. These rods should be parallel to each other and fixed perpendicular to the bed.
  • Put drape curtains across the rod and ensure that they are long enough to cascade to the floor at the foot of the bed.
  • To make a crown canopy, the best bed would be to install four shower curtain rods on all the sides of the bed. Now, just hang the soft fabric from the rods embellished with decorative motifs with the help of clips, rings or decorative shower curtain hooks.
  • If you want to go for a conventional looking canopy bed, use wood strips to make a ceiling for the canopy bed. Now, fasten layers of fabric to the rods around the bed. Traditional style uses heavy fabric with heavy upholstery.

The above are a few ideas for canopy beds.

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