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Corrugated Metal Roofing

The use of corrugated metal roofing dates back several hundred years. However, nowadays it has something of a bad reputation because of improper use in warehouses, sheds and factories. Modern day corrugated metal roofs have changed somewhat due to advances in technology. Technology has also improved the appearance and quality of roofing materials. These metal plates which overlap one over the other are lightweight and can be mass produced cheaply. They are strong enough to protect the house and also provide proper insulation. Some ways of installing a corrugated metal roof are discussed in this article, so read on for more information.

corrugated metal roofing

Ways to Install Corrugated Metal Roofing

The following are a few ways to install corrugated metal roofing:

  • Firstly, count the number of sheets required for covering the length of the roof. Then divide this number by 44, the width of the average metal sheet. You will then have the information you need about the number of rows of sheets required.
  • Now, calculate the length of the slope (in feet) of the roof to the edge. Divide this number by 6 to find out the number of columns of metal sheets needed.
  • Now multiply the number of columns by the number of rows to get the total number of metal sheets required.
  • Standard roofing felt should be stapled every 2 to 3 inches on the outer edges of the felt and to the interior at every 6 inches. Overlapping of the felt should be at least 3 inches.
  • Now you can start fixing your metal sheet at one corner of the roof. The edge of the roof should be out by 2 inches. Get some approved nails and tighten them with watertight washers to properly secure the sheet. Nails should be placed on the center of the ridge of metal where it bends away. Nails should not be driven into the ridges near the edge of the metal sheet. You should use 20 nails per sheet.
  • A second metal sheet should be used next to the first with two overlapping ridges of the metal sheet. A bead of caulk should be placed between two overlapping sheets.
  • Nail this sheet into place in a similar manner to the first sheet. This process should be repeated until the bottom row is complete.
  • To make the second row, the first sheet should be fixed just above the first sheet of the first row. This sheet should overlap the first sheet by 6 inches. Securely nail these sheets into place and lay down each sheet to overlap both the sheets below and from the sides.
  • When you are done installing all the sheets, line the ridge of the roof and slope edges with ridge caps. These caps will prevent leakage of water from the sides and also the top of the roof where the corrugated underside of the roof is exposed to the air.
  • When cutting the metal sheet along the corrugations, a sharp utility knife should be used. For cutting against corrugations, make sure to use an electrically run circular saw which comes with a carbide tipped blade. Tar paper is used as a barrier to prevent moisture on the roof and also prevents seepage of humidity into the wood.

This is all about placing corrugated metal roofing. Through following the above steps, you can easily fix the metal roofing in your house. If you cana��t do it yourself, then engage the help of a professional to install your corrugated metal roofing.

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