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How to Make a Kids Toy Organizer

Toy organizer for kids not only gives them the space to play, but it is also a great for teaching the importance of organization. If you get a kid toy organizer at home, it saves plenty of kid room’s space and also keep your house clutter free. There are many kid toy organizer available at supermarkets, but you can yourself create them. Read this article to know more about how to create a kid toy organizer.

Ways to Make Kid Toy Organizer

Ways to Make Kid Toy Organizer

The first thing you should do is to get rid off broken toys and measure the area for placing this organizer. The following are a few ways to make a kid toy organizer:

  • Some important materials needed for making a kid toy organizer are – table saw, band saw, A�A? inch plywood, carpenter’s pencil, instant clear adhesive, L-shaped wall mounts, box of wall anchors, acrylic wood treatment, measuring tape, ruler and yardstick, A�A?A?a��A?X A�A?A?a��A? stock lumber, A�A?A?a��A? plywood, extra-fine sandpaper, highlighter pens, bright spray paint, power drill, wood screws – A�A?A?a��A? long, A�A?A?a��A? diameter, wood screws – 1A?a��A? long, A�A?A?a��A? diameter.
  • The following are a few steps to make a toy organizer for kids:
  • Measure the sizes of the toys and place them against a wall to know about the space they will occupy when they are placed side by side.
  • At least 2 shelves should be built for each child in the house.
  • Toy organizer can be divided according to the needs of the children and their toys. For example for a kid of 8 feet, 2 shelves can be built for each child, which should be at least 4 feet in width.
  • Ask your kid to stand facing the wall with arms stretched. Ask him to touch the wall with fingertips and mark that distance on the floor. This will let you know about the depth of each shelf.
  • Take 3/4A?a��A? plywood and cut 2 side pieces and use table saw carefully. Cut it according to the measured length and width of the wall.
  • Now cut the shelves from 1/4A?a��A? plywood. This should be cut by the measurement you took by your kids fingertips measure. Cut equal number of shelves for each child.
  • Now, cut 1/2A?a��A? X 1/2A?a��A? stock lumber by a band saw or jig saw. The measurement should be same as the depth of the shelves. These pieces will act as a support for every shelf. Also, sand all the lumber pieces and plywood with a coarse and fine sand papers.
  • In this step, you should take the top shelf and place it over two sides of plywood pieces. With the help of a drill, screw ion 1/8 diameter holes and leave a space of 2A?a��A?. leave the space of 3/8A?a��A? at the end and in the beginning of the shelf. In these holes, the wooden screws will go in 3/4A?a��A? long and 1/4A?a��A? in diameter.
  • Now, put this toy organizer on the floor which enables the top shelf on the opposite side. Mark the inner sides of the organizer with the help of ruler/ yardstick and the carpenter’s pencil. Also, mark another line which gives you an idea of how thick each shelf would be.
  • With the help of instant adhesive apply a thin coat on the sides of the shelves. Leave it to get dry for at least 2 hours. Leave 1/2A?a��A? from the front and back of the shelf to put wooden screws 3/4A?a��A? long and 1/4A?a��A? in diameter.
  • Now, slide each shelf in their designated places. They will slide over their supports and you have to make more such pilot holes as you made before. They will pass through the shelves and then down the supports. Leave 4A?a��A? from the front end and A�A?A?a��A? from the back to let in the wooden screws , which will go in 3/8A?a��A? in length and 1/4A?a��A? in diameter.
  • With the help of a sandpaper, finish sanding of the organizer. Then smear 3 to 4 coats of clear acrylic wood treatment. Leave it for drying properly in between each coats.
  • To fix the kid toy organizer on the wall, you can use anchors and L-shaped wall mounts. 1 to 3 feet distance should be left between the wall and toy organizer.

The above steps guide you how to make kid toy organizer at home. Your kids would be very happy to see this toy organizer.

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