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Toilet Paper Storage Ideas

Bathroom storage space is generally the smallest room in the home. Toilet paper is one of the necessary item in every bathroom which can be stored in both practical and decorative ways. To make your bathroom look organized and neat, you require a perfect storage solution in your bathroom. Many people buy toilet paper in bulk and it becomes difficult to store them. You just need to store them out of sight and you need to take only one piece out for use in a toilet paper holder. This article discusses about toilet paper storage ideas, read on for more information.

Toilet Paper Storage Ideas

Ways to Store Toilet Tissue

Toilet tissue can be stored in the following ways:

  • Toilet paper roll can be stored in the cabinet installed underneath the sink. Toilet paper roll should not be left on the counter as it can get wet and soiled. There is also no need to get a special cabinet for storing toilet paper. You can use plastic boxes which comes with lid and shallow baskets to store tissues.
  • If you are looking for a more modern option for storing toilet paper, then you can get a rattan flip box toilet paper storage container, which can easily fit at least 3 rolls.
  • For smaller bathrooms, bamboo stationary caddy is also a good option for storing toilet paper. It can easily handle 6 to 8 rolls and can be fixed in a corner of the bathroom. Caddies are stylish and enhance the look of your bathroom. Metallic caddies can also be bought which comes with extra holder for storing currently using paper roll.
  • Another good option for toilet paper storage is paper storage which also comes with magazine rack. These are elegant and stylish and give a modern look to your bathroom.
  • If you want a cheap option for storing toilet paper, you can get a wired basket inside your bathroom cabinet. You can get them easily in the supermarkets.

The above are a few ideas for toilet paper storage. You can choose any according to the needs of your bathroom.

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