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Grommet Curtain Patterns

With the changing patterns of interior design, the market has been flooded with various kinds of curtain patterns for windows. Grommet curtain patterns are one of the ultimate additions to your windows and they can give an extravagant look. This pattern is a superb treat for windows and it imparts a plush look to your interior. Grommet curtain patterns are very much in vogue in the world of furnishing. Read this article to get more information about grommet curtains.

Grommet Curtains Patterns

What are Grommet Curtains?

  • Grommet curtains have hollow metal rings pressed into their fabric.
  • These hollow metal rings are called grommets and they give a well finished look and prevent the fabric from tearing.
  • These holes are used to hang the curtain as the rods passes through them.
  • These curtains are available in a wide range of options.

Ideas for Grommet Curtains

The following are a few ideas for grommet curtains:

  • Classy colors and fancy fabrics make them the best picks for contemporary interiors. You can choose from silk, raw silk, cotton silk, organza and lace that look extremely sober when paired with grommet tops.
  • You can choose from plain curtain fabrics or textured curtain fabrics to make grommet curtain patterns..
  • Organza curtains with a lace border look extremely rich when paired with a plush interior decor.
  • Opaque plain fabric curtains or sheer fabric grommet curtains are the best choice for sliding glass doors.
  • Soft colored grommet top linen curtains will give a soft touch to your interiors.
  • If you are purchasing a designed pattern for grommet curtains, then avoid multicolored pieces.

The above are just a few of the grommet curtain patterns that will give an elegant look to your interior. They can be easily purchased from any furnishing store. You can also make these curtains yourself at home and make rings out of various metals such as nickel brass, brass and antique brass as they suit all types of drapes and curtains.

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