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How to Clean Stainless Steel Furniture

Nowadays many people go for stainless steel decor in their drawing rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. Stainless steel furniture was introduced as a maintenance free, hard wearing and non-corrosive material in commercial applications. Doors and furniture made with stainless steel should also have screws of the same grade for fixing to prevent metallic corrosion which happens when two different metals come into contact. Cleaning stainless steel furniture can be a tough task for a few people as it can be easily stained. Let’s discuss about various ways to clean stainless steel furniture.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Furniture

The following are a few ways to clean stainless steel furniture:

  • To remove stains like finger print stains and smudges, you can use a window cleaner.
  • Vinegar can also be used to buff stains and spots with a microfiber cloth.
  • To do heavy duty cleaning, use soft scrub with a microfiber cloth. This will remove stubborn stains.
  • Magic eraser can also be used with light hand. Avoid rubbing against the grain of the metal.
  • Furniture polish with orange oil can also be used to clean stainless steel furniture. To prevent further smudging, olive oil can be rubbed onto the surface.
  • Another cheapest method to clean stainless steel appliances and furniture is to use warm water with some elbow grease and a soft cleaning cloth. Then you can use mild soapy water or weak ammonia water and warm water solution.

Abrasives should not be used for cleaning stainless steel furniture, but if you think that you have to use that tactic, then use baking soda. Use a very little amount of detergent. Cleaner containing chlorine should never be used for cleaning stainless steel and be sure to clean all the stains otherwise they will lead to a rainbow colored discoloration.

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