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Concrete Bench Molds

Garden lovers can make their own concrete bench molds to decorate their homes. This is the most durable and easily available material which requires a very low maintenance. Due to these qualities of concrete, it can be easily molded to make different types of outdoor furniture. This article talks about concrete bench molds to decorate your garden; read on for more information.

Ways to Make Concrete Bench Molds

  • Begin with choosing the design of the bench. There are various designs to choose from a professional in this field. If you want to design on your own, then draw the desired designed on a butcher’s paper. What you need to draw is a sitting surface with two legs.
  • Using a T-squarer, a measuring tape and plywood, cut out a mock of the bench. When you test the design, it will make you aware of many of the problems. You can make another design when that design does not meet your expectations.
  • Now, cut out the template on the paper and seal it to the plywood using a spray adhesive.
  • Now, cut out pieces from the plywood and sand down the inside of the pieces of the mold which will allow a better release during the de-molding process. Using the plywood, form the mold sides and keep the height around 3 to 4 inches long on all the sides. Now, match the side length with the size of bench. The mold sides is usually 4 to 5 inches tall.
  • Work with the dense foam to give curved legs to the bench and then, attach the sides to the molds at the base. Use nails and wood glue to do the job. Also, use a clamp to secure the joint. Clamping will also provide additional support upon glue’s drying. Silicone is applied around the inside edges of the mold for rounding it off and silicone should be used in thin lining. Grouting tool can be used to give smooth edges to the silicone and also remove out excess debris.
  • If you find the above method tedious, then you can buy a ready made concrete bench available in the market. You can select the one which matches with your budget and choice.

The above are a few steps guiding you to design a concrete bench mold.

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