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Rodent Control Methods

Mice and rats cause a huge loss throughout the world and they not only cause damage to property but also cause various contagious diseases. Some of the conventional methods to get rid off rodents are traps, chemicals and rat poison. However, there are several people who do not prefer these options as they can cause health hazards for pets and family. Hence, these people look for natural methods to protect their houses from rodents invasion. Read this article for more information on rodent control methods.

Ways to Control Rodents

These organisms are omnivorous and eat almost anything in the house. They inhabit dirty and abandoned areas either outside or inside of the house. Thus, if you maintain hygiene in your surroundings and inside the home, you will contribute a lot for making your home rodents free. The following are a few methods for rodents control :

Controlling Rodents Inside the House

  • Rodents will make their way into the house through small cracks and holes. Thus, to prevent them from entering inside the house, just remember to seal those holes.
  • Do not leave garbage uncovered as these rodents will feed on them and try to dispose off the garbage from the home as soon as possible.
  • Food items in the kitchen should not be left open and they should be kept in tight seal containers.
  • Always keep your kitchen and dining areas clean after you are done with cooking and eating.
  • Vessels should be immediately cleaned after cooking.
  • The excreta of rodents are the cause of various diseases, thus, it should be cleaned immediately to reduce the risk of diseases.
  • The frequently visited areas by these rodents should be cleaned with some disinfectants.
  • Always wear gloves while disposing off dead rodents and their excreta.

Controlling Rodents Outside the House

While keeping the inside of the house clean, care should be taken to clean the surroundings of the house. Some of the effective methods are discussed below:

  • Any abandoned items like wood piles and compost bin which serve as rodents shelter, woods should not be allowed to pile up and using a tight lid to cover the compost bins.
  • The shrubs and bushes of the garden also serve as shelter to the rodents. The lawn grass should be kept short.
  • Glue traps or spring traps should be kept where the rodent activities are suspected.

Natural Rodent Repellents

  • There are some natural measures that do not kill the rodents, but repel them.
  • Peppermint is one such natural method to keep these rodents away. Peppermint oil can be bought and soak a cotton ball with this oil and place in those areas where rodent activities are suspected.
  • Sprinkle cinnamon, cayenne and pepper in rodent holes.
  • Some important herbs having insect repelling properties like wood hyacinth, mint, allium, daffodils and camphor can be planted in the garden.

The above are a few effective rodent control methods. If you can not control rodent activities in your house, then you can take the help of a pest control professional.

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