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Two Toned Wall Painting Ideas

If you want to add more colors to your interiors in different ways, then there are various two toned wall painting ideas which you can apply in your home. Two toned walls can give a refreshing touch and enhance elegance to your home. These ideas also give a dimensional appearance to your room. If you are going to paint your room from scratch or adding a new color to the existing one, you will observe that it is a very simple and different technique which will add individuality and flair to your home. Read this article for more information on two toned wall painting ideas.

Ideas for Two Toned Wall Painting

First you must choose the color, before heading further. You should choose the shades that suit your interiors not what suit your tastes. You can make a contrast of darker tones with lighter tones. You can choose darker tones if you have plenty of space in your room. Otherwise, if you choose a darker shade, it will make your room look smaller. Some ideas are discussed below:

  • Ribbon stripes

    A?a��a�? Ribbon stripes pattern of wall painting has been derived from the gift wrapper pattern. To create a pattern of ribbon stripes, just divide the wall into two horizontal parts and where the ribbon pattern has to be given, mark a band of width 2 to 6 inches. All you have to do is to just paint this strip in a color contrasting to the base color of the wall. This way you will get a ribbon stripe pattern on your wall.

  • Half Pattern

    A?a��a�? This is another most popular idea of painting. You have to select two colors and paint in the two horizontal halves of the wall. If you make the bottom part of the wall larger, it will give more visual length to the room. Just paint one half of the wall with one color and once it gets dried, use a tape to seal the boundary of color. Then, start painting the second half of the wall with a different shade. This can help you in accomplishing your task with a superb finish.

  • Color Splash

    A?a��a�? Painting your home can be fun. To give a color splash pattern on your wall, you should cover your furnishing and flooring. Invite your best friends and and ask them to splash your wall with colors. For splashing the color, all you have to do is to shake the brush so as to get rid of the color in it and you must do it in different directions of the wall and with different sizes of the brush.

  • Stencil Class

    A?a��a�? This coloring pattern gives a more urban and sophisticated look to your room. You can draw your favorite designs on the wall. All you need to do is to color the wall with a basic shade and you can use dark colors too. Cut out a design of specific sizes using a stencil. These designs can be floral designs, geometrical shapes or leaf motifs design. Now, just fix these stencils in a particular manner on the wall. Like, you can fix them in a line, over lapping pattern, random pattern etc. You can rotate the stencil according to your wish and create a pattern of different kind. Then, paint the inside of the stencil carefully. You can also spray paint on the outer edges of the stencil for which you will need a spray gun. This will give a different pattern of stencil paint pattern look.

The above are a few two toned wall painting ideas and you can add some more features with your imagination.

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