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How to Make Eyelet Curtains

If you are looking for enhancing the look of your windows, then you may want to consider eyelet curtains. This is one of the most popular treatment for windows. The beautiful thing which sets them apart from other types of curtains is that they are hung. This is the most inexpensive and a beautiful way to decorate your windows. There are holes or eyelets on these type of curtains with grommets, on the top of the curtain and a ring or a hook is used to hang the curtains to the pole or the curtain rod. These curtains get perfect pleats giving it a complete contemporary and streamlined look. There are various advantages of eyelet curtains, let us discuss in this article.

Things Needed to Make Eyelet Curtain

The following are a few things needed to make eyelet curtains:

  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Curtain tape or fabric
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Grommets or Curtain eyelets
  • Curtain rod

Ways to Make Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains can be made in the following given steps:

  • Choose fabric

    A?a��a�? Choose a fabric of your choice and color matching with the dA?A�cor of the room. There are various interesting patterns of curtains to choose from. It is advised to choose medium weight or light weight fabric like lines, cotton, organza or lace. This is because if the fabric is too heavy, the eyelet tape can droop down and may not hold the weight of the fabric. However, if you choose a heavy fabric then remember to tape and eyelets accordingly.

  • Take measurements

    A?a��a�? Take the length and width of the window or door where you want to hang curtain. You must measure the curtain length from the rod to the floor and then add nearly 4 to 5 inches from hemming. Width of a curtain is generally taken twice the width of window.

  • Cut the fabric by spreading it out on a hard surface. Cut accurately using a measuring tape. You can choose a lining fabric if you want to make eyelet curtains with lining and cut it accordingly the same size as of the main fabric.
  • You can fold the edges on the wrong side of the cloth to create a hem and seal it with the tape. Then stitch the edges.
  • Measure about 3A?a��A? from the side and mark it at the top of the fabric. Mark another point from the first mark at a distance of 4A?a��A? to 6A?a��A? and continue throughout the width. These markings are the distances of the eyelets of the curtain.
  • Now, cut the fabric from inside the circles and fit eyelets in place.

Eyelet curtains are ready to hang now. In the same fashion, you can also make shower curtains, but you need to get a waterproof fabric.

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