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Soothing Colors for a Bedroom

The bedroom is the most relaxing place in a home. A person wants a place which is full of peace, calm and gives a complete feeling of relaxation after a day’s hard work. The color of the bedroom you choose goes a long way to give this feeling. White is considered the most peaceful color, but this color can also give a plain and flat look to the bedroom. There are various soothing colors which you can choose for your bedroom which can enhance the appearance of the room and give it a tranquility. But, not only the wall paints can do wonders, but you also have to match the colors for doors and windows to give that complete feeling of tranquility. Read this article for more information on soothing colors for a bedroom.

soothing colors for a bedroom

Calming and Soothing Colors for Bedroom

If you want to give a relaxing atmosphere to your bedroom , then you must choose the colors which are soft and calming. Soft pastel colors and neutral colors work very well to provide such an atmosphere in the bedroom. These cool shades make the room look spacious and airy. Some of the soothing colors which you can choose for your bedroom are as follows:

  • Celery green and off white

    A?a��a�? Green is a perfect choice for a bedroom as it gives a soothing effect to the eyes. When this color is combined with off white shades, it gives a pleasing atmosphere. You can choose off white ceilings with celery green walls for best results. A patterned headboard painted in primary colors can be the focal point in the bedroom. Wicker furniture taken in tan or white, will make the room look awesome.

  • Lavender and Icy blue

    A?a��a�? These colors give a cool ambiance to the bedroom. These colors look great together and are considered for the bedrooms. Walls can be painted in icy blue and lavender can be used to paint trimmings and moldings. You can mix and match upholstery and other furniture in chocolate and dark brown shades.

  • Beige and Pale yellow

    A?a��a�? Beige is generally considered as a boring color, but not many people know that when this color is paired with a perfect color, it can create wonders. Beige can be mixed with a little warmer shade like pale yellow as this color gives the visual impact and beige shade gives the soft look to the room. Furniture and upholstery used should be darker in shade to give a symmetrical and balanced look.

  • Chalky white and Powdered blue

    A?a��a�? These shades provide a sophisticated and an elegant look to the bedroom. Powdered blue color is perfect for creating a relaxing and restful ambiance to the bedroom and this shade when combined with trimmings and ceilings in chalky white shade gives the best look. The bedroom in these two shades is particularly good for a girl bedroom. Upholstery and furnishing can be taken in darker shades.

  • Tan and peach

    A?a��a�? This is the most wonderful combination of colors. Peach color is considered to be a warm color and it looks best in a big bedroom. Peach colored walls of a bedroom can be combined with windows and furniture in tan color. To give a focal point in such a bedroom, you can decorate walls with jewel hued hangings and other frames. You can also place bed linens decorated with silver and golden works.

The above are a few great ideas for soothing colors in a bedroom.

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