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Cottage Style Decorating Ideas

If you love soft pastel colors, baskets, wickers, floral prints, bead board and mismatched china, then cottage style decorated homes are for you. To design your home in cottage style, you should let your personality guide you and choose the things that you love around yourself and which evoke your favorite memories. There are no hard and fast rules to design your home in this style, but this style reflects a relaxing, simple, cozy and a comfortable atmosphere. This article deals with some simple English cottage style decorating ideas for your home; read on for more information.

Cottage Style Decorating Ideas

Right Colors for Cottage Style

  • You can choose any color scheme which you want to put up in your home, but they should be incorporated keeping in mind the colors of walls, curtains and of course furniture.
  • This style mainly uses light and breezy colors that give a cool and refreshing look to your cottage style home like serene white, lemon yellow or beige shades.
  • The traditional cottage style use lots of greens and pinks in floral prints.
  • Earthy tones of green can go well with wooden furniture.

Furniture for Cottage Style

  • You do not have to worry about matching the furniture with each other.
  • You can select different pieces of furniture and blend them together to create a warm and cozy cottage ambiance.
  • You can also include your old and not much used furniture piece. Recycled furniture piece can also be a great idea for this style.
  • Ancient style cabinets, comfy cottage style chairs, rockers can find their respective places in the cottage.
  • You can use antique furniture pieces into your cottage instead of shelling out extra bucks for decoration.
  • Flooring has to be wooden or you can also use carpets giving the look of a wood.

Upholstery and Accessories for Cottage Style

  • Warm colored Cushions, drapes with floral prints are the perfect choice for this style.
  • Vintage rugs with multi color should be a must have for this style.
  • Drapes should be flowy, frilly and allowing plenty of light into the room.
  • You can make your double bed turn into a cottage style bed by just adding a headboard adorned with frills.
  • Bedding used should be adorned with frills and floral prints.
  • Accessories can include table lamps, antique vases, musical instruments, family heirlooms etc.
  • A well lighted fireplace is another must have in cottage style.

Elements for Cottage Style

You can find various cottage decorating elements in a local garage sale, flea markets, antique stores and thrift stores. You can also find some of them in your own house like in Grandma’s attic or in a cupboard or in a closet. Some of the elements to decorate in a cottage style may include:

  • Walls can be painted in pastel color shades like yellow, green, blue, pink and aqua complemented with in trim, moldings and other architectural details.
  • Furniture can be chosen in lighter shades of pine and oak. If you got furniture from a garage sale, then paint them with pastel shades of blue, green, pink or yellow depending on the room color.
  • White sheers, simple valance or lace alone on windows and doors look elegant and they also let in lots of light. These all provide an unmatched cottage style look to your home.

The above are a few cottage style decorating ideas. These decoration ideas are fun to do as there are no hard and fast rules and it lets you choose the things you like.

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