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Door Trim Ideas

People who love to decorate their houses always experiment with new things in their house. Though, the door trim has no structural purpose, it beautifully hides the space between the wall and the door jamb. Hence, the door trims make a door structure beautiful and luring to the visitors in the house.

A great looking main door no doubt creates a lasting impression on the minds of an individual visiting your house. Beautiful trims grace the door frame and there are certain things which should be kept in mind while installing door trims. Read this article for more information on door trim ideas.

Door Trim Ideas

Ideas for Door Trims

The following are a few ideas for door trims:

  • Paneled and fluted trim moldings

    – Among the traditional options, you can well go for wooden door trims which are one of the reigning segments of interior designing today. Moldings of wooden door trims are made using polyurethane of high density which are also easy to fix. Wood is one of the popular choices for gracing windows and doors of modern houses. Trim moldings in paneled or fluted pattern look elegant on the door frames. While adding door trims, you can also consider paneled plinth. These moldings look great when added to the door frames and painted in nice colors.

  • Pilasters for door trims

    A?a��a�? This is a great option for main doors design. Pilaster gives a grand touch to the entrance doors of the house. You can opt for paneled or fluted pilaster as they help make your door look grand. Pilasters can be added to each corner of the trim molding or at the center of top horizontal trim line. This is one of the great ideas for enhancing the beauty of the main door of the house.

  • Crown moldings

    A?a��a�? these type of moldings are mainly used around the line where room walls’ meet the ceiling of the room. Paneled or tapering crown moldings are made from plaster or wood which simply look awesome. In between the crown moldings, intricate design blocks can be added using casts. This can turn a simple door into a decorative structure. To give a more enhanced look to the entrance, you can paint these structures in different colors.

  • Trim additions

    A?a��a�? Stained glass borders are very popular these days which can be added to door trims. There are a variety of designs and colors available in stained glass which can be used to create nice borders. Pebbles can also be used to create beautiful door trims. Intricately designed corner blocks are also a good option for giving a classy look to the doors.

The above are a few door trim ideas for creating a unique entrance to your home.

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