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Bedroom Color Combinations

Bedrooms are the most used space in the home and people tend to spend a quality time in their bedrooms. Thus, bedroom color combinations play an important role in its dA?A�cor that would help set the mood of the viewer. Before choosing the color for the bedroom, you need to keep certain things in your minds and then decide the specific color. The colors chosen for the bedroom should be soothing to the eyes, provide solace and moreover should be stylish. This article talks about a few important and popular bedroom color combinations which can lock the visitors eye to your bedroom; read on for more information.

Bedroom Color Combinations

Ideas for Bedroom Color Combinations

There are a wide variety for bedroom colors to choose from. First, you must make up your mind for how you want the place to look like. Then you should decide whether you want it to appear funny, amorous or simple. Some of the popular bedroom color combinations are as follows:

Cool bedroom color combinations-

  • Blue, green and violet are some of the cool colors. These colors provide a tranquil appearance to your bedroom.
  • Many people get their bedrooms painted in combination of these colors as they make the room appear cool, peaceful and calm.
  • Cool colors also make the room appear big and a mixture of these colors make the room more airy and inviting.

Warm bedroom color combinations –

  • Orange, red and yellow are a few colors which are known to be warm and exciting as they give a brighter and a gratifying appearance to the room.
  • You can choose these shades in a lighter or fainter shades depending on your taste.
  • Brighter and darker shades of these colors make the room appear overwhelming.
  • These shades should not be used in smaller bedrooms as they make the room appear more small.

Muffled bedroom color combinations –

  • These colors are those whose reflection is subdued by using a complementary color like gray.
  • Muffled colors give a cool and solacing effect, that is the reason they are favored by some people.
  • Rooms painted in these colors give a cozy and calm effect and thus they enable a person to sleep well at night.
  • These colors also make the room to appear larger.
  • To give a romantic touch to your bedroom, you can use a moonlight color scheme which may include purple, gray and deeper tones of magenta.

Tips to Choose Bedroom Color Combinations

The following tips should be kept in mind while opting for bedroom color combinations –

  • Firstly, determine the size of the room and see if you want to make it look bigger.
  • Then ascertain whether you want to include any specific theme in your bedroom or you want to keep it simple.
  • One important thing to be remembered while painting the walls is that wall paint should match with the bedroom furniture.
  • You can go to a nearby color store and try several colors from the color palette before painting the whole room. This will help you in selecting the best color combinations in your bedroom.
  • You can also get some photographs of the bedroom having varied combinations of colors.
  • There are various types of coloring methods like ragging and sponging, which you can experiment on a portion of a wall.
  • You can experiment with different color combinations in a kids bedroom. Like, in a girls bedroom, you can use a lilac or pink color combination and in a boys bedroom, you can employ some shiny and bright shades.

The above are a few important tips and ideas for bedroom color combinations.

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