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Accent Walls in Living Room

People who love decorating their home, they love experimenting with everything new in the home decorating trends. Accent walls in living room is a wall within one room which is markedly different and more appealing than other walls of the room. The accent wall always has a richer color as compared to other walls of the room, which makes it more interesting. This is an ultimate DIY painting project. When a visitor enters the room, his eyes first fall on the bright color painted accent wall of the room. This article talks about ideas for accent walls in living room; read on for more information.

Accent Walls in Living Room

Ideas for Accent Walls in Living Room

Some ideas which can be employed for accent walls in living room are as follows:

  • Accent walls should be the wall of the room which a visitor sees when he enters first in the room. Thus, it should be the wall opposite to the entrance.
  • The accent wall looks great when it is highlighted with any focal point in the room. Thus, if the wall in the room has a window or a fireplace, then those walls can be the best idea for making an accent wall.
  • If you don’t have such focal points in your room, then you can create one on your own by placing a television, a furniture piece like a recliner or a sofa, in front of the accent wall. You must leave some space between the item placed and the wall which makes the room breathable and more appealing.

Ways to Paint Accent Walls in the Living Room

  • First, decide the color of the accent wall in the room and then there are various creative ways of painting these walls.
  • Hot pink color can be used on an accent wall when your room is painted in light pink color. Similarly, when your room is painted in pink or lilac shade, then you can paint accent wall in dark purple shade and enhance the decor with some stunning lights. These ideas will make the room more romantic and sensual.
  • You can also use some brighter shades like orange or red on accent walls which complements well with other walls painted in neutral shades like pastel or some soothing colors like light blue and light green.
  • You can also keep some accessories in the colors similar to an accent wall. Like, you can put some cushions or throw rugs in the similar bright color as the accent wall. This all gives a very co-ordinated look to the room.
  • There are some other ideas too for enhancing the beauty of an accent wall besides painting. You can make various designs on these walls like some murals, polka dots, geometric designs etc. You can also create a single large geometric shape or a mural in the middle of an accent wall. This will add dimension to your room.

Ways to Decorate Accent Wall in the Living Room

There are various ways you can do to enhance the beauty of and accent wall in the living room –

  • You can add certain shelves and cabinets to display art, show pieces and other decorating pieces with some contrasting colors.
  • These shelves look perfect on accent wall having a television in front of them. Thus, it enhances the visual appeal of the room, even when the television is in off mode.
  • You can place an area rug in room to give a greater impact on the accent wall. This rug should be of the same color as the accent wall.

The above are a few decorating ideas for accent walls in the living room. Accent walls give an unmatchable atmosphere to any room of the house.

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