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Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

Sometimes, size constraint of a room can make the decoration a difficult task. A living room should feel welcoming and pleasant to the visitors. When living rooms are small, they should not be cluttered up with big screen TV, a ten section couch, long empty tables, overstuffed armchairs and large lamps. For small living rooms, it is very important to plan it properly. Minimizing the use of furniture and removing items are not the solution for creating space in the room. This article talks about some of the snazzy small living room decorating ideas; read on for more information.

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

Ideas for Small Living Room

A small living room can be made to look big and still cozy by implementing some ideas like –

  • Colors

    – Colors are responsible for making the room appear large. One can opt for colors like purple, blue and green to make the room look more airy. One should also avoid the use of shades of red and yellow as these colors give a completely opposite appearance to the room.

  • Clutter management

    A?a��a�? One of the important ways to create space in a living room is to clear the clutter. Excess of furniture items can make the room look cramped and overstuffed. Hence, to give a nice and neat appearance to the room, you should remove clutter and also arrange the stuff in a proper manner. Shelves and cabinets can be included behind the doors to store some of the extra stuff which are not in regular use. This way, you can easily manage the clutter and make your room look nicer.

  • Lighting

    – Lighting in a room is a very important factor for its appearance. Both natural and artificial lights are necessary for maintaining a nice look to the room. Proper lighting can also create illusion of space. Opening the windows for most of the time can also prove to be useful. For interior designing, one should not go for heavy drapery in a small living room.

Decoration Tips for Small Room

Following the given tips, tricks and ideas for decorating a small living room, you can turn a small room into a nice, cozy and a larger appearing room-

  • Ceilings of the room should be painted in a shade lighter than the walls in a small room.
  • Paint of the furniture items should blend well with the walls.
  • Patterns of wallpaper and furniture upholstery should be small and fine. Pillows can have larger patterns.
  • You can also opt for shades of cream instead of whites. There are various shades of creams and whites available in the market.
  • For decorating small living rooms, you can make use of a few, but larger furniture pieces as they create a lot of space with fewer furniture and less clutter. This also makes the room to appear open and spacy.
  • Mirrors also create an illusion of space. Mirrors can be hanged at the entrance of the room.
  • For small sized living rooms, you can also think about combining textures. Different textures can be blended together to enhance the appeal of the room. It also provides dimension and depth to the room.
  • There is one other important way to make a room appear larger – by placing a rail of chairs along the wall. This creates an illusion of space.
  • Windows and other items of the room should always be kept sparkingly clean as they add refreshing and brighter appearance to the room.
  • Furniture items should be large as they can accommodate several items and this automatically cleans clutter.

The above are a few small living room decorating ideas which you can use to make the room appear larger and cozy.

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