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How To Make Your Own Tile Table

Tables are a very important furniture in the house. Sometimes, you get bored of your old tables and you want something new in your drawing room or in balconies. Making your own tile table is a fun thing to do as it allows you to reinvent your old table. This process is very simple and it just require you to lay tiles on table top. You can use any kind of table top ranging from slate, ceramic, glass or marble on a table made from iron, wood, glass or Formica. Read this article for more information on how to make your own tile table.

How To Make Your Own Tile Table

Ways to Make Your Own Tile Table

The following steps should be preferred to make a tile table:

  • Get a table surface on which you want to create your own masterpiece. You can get use your old useless table or you can get a second hand table from a furniture store or from classifieds.
  • Table surface size and its sturdiness matters the most in making your own tile table.
  • Imagine the pattern you want to create on the table and estimate the amount of tile that will be required to make it. Also, collect other materials required for making it.
  • You can get decent collection of tiles from a home improvement store or some local thrift store where you can get glass bits which can be suitable for this purpose.
  • Then, lay out the pattern that you desire to create and then apply the grout. Grout is used over tiles when you have wiped the tiles with a damp cloth. Also, keep a bucket full of water to rinse the cloth while applying the grout.
  • Leave it for drying and then apply a protectant or a sealant which will help the tile and grout from scratches and strains.

The above are a few easy steps to make your own tile table.

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