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Galley Kitchen Ideas

A galley kitchen can be referred to as ‘U’ shaped kitchen or can be defined as a kitchen where the two units of counter tops of same size face each other. This is a kitchen designed in a a narrow and long space. It has a central walk area leading to the burner or the sink. These kitchens are made occupy smaller spaces to give maximum storage, electrical appliances and other usable items in the kitchen.

Galley kitchen can also be designed as desired with color coordination and accessorized in a particular manner. To design this type of kitchen, the only thing which should be kept in mind is to utilize the maximum space available with cabinets and other appliances used in the kitchen. Read this article for more information and effective ideas on galley kitchen.

Ideas for Galley Kitchen

Designs on Galley Kitchen

The following points should be kept in mind while designing a galley kitchen:

  • Design a galley kitchen in an appropriate manner.
  • There are 2 types of galley kitchen A?a��a�? one with 2 wall design and other with 1 wall design.
  • One wall galley kitchen have counters, sink, cabinets and other arrangements of the kitchen using a single wall. The single wall can stretch from one room to the other in the house. Thus, a kitchen acts a connection between two rooms. A single wall galley kitchen is designed when there is no separate kitchen constructed in a home.
  • A 2 wall galley kitchen has two parallel walls that are used for counter tops and cabinets. These type of galley kitchens are mainly designed in smaller homes and used economically with various kitchen arrangements.
  • Both types of galley kitchen have washing area, cooking area, refrigerator and oven spaces etc. Some extra features can also be added to these kitchens like L-shaped counters, islands, corner tables etc.

Color Ideas for Galley Kitchen

  • The thing about galley kitchen which makes it different from other kitchens is the arrangement of kitchen goods and utilization of available space. Hence, it allows you to design a kitchen in any desired form to make it appear modern or traditional.
  • As painting the wall of any room enhances the visual appeal of that area. In the same manner, using pretty colors on the walls of a galley kitchen enhances the visual appeal. Some colors which can be used in a galley kitchen are A?a��a�? yellow, peach, green, gray, lavender etc., on the walls.
  • Cabinets in a galley kitchen can be made in wood or can be painted and coordinated with the back splash of the counter tops. Well, to coordinate with any color, white cabinets are best choice. There is one more benefit with white cabinets that they allow you to remodel your kitchen without any hassle.
  • Some accessories like vases, chairs, china and colored appliances can enhance the look of a galley kitchen.
  • Galley kitchen can easily accommodate all the required items that bigger kitchens have and it can still appear classy.
  • Cabinets should be spacious enough to store all your crockery, china and cooking wares.
  • Single wall galley kitchen should have cabinets under and over the counters to give you plenty of space to store all your required items in the kitchen.
  • A 2 wall galley kitchen can have cabinets on both the parallel walls. It can also have some open shelves for displaying items.

The above are a few effective ideas for a galley kitchen. These ideas are perfect for making beautiful kitchens in smaller apartments and congested homes.

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