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Farmhouse Kitchen Design

One of the newest trend in kitchen dA?A�cor is farmhouse kitchen design which gives a very homely touch to the kitchen. These kitchens are best for spacious country villa as farmhouses are the symbol of simplicity, humbleness and hospitality. These qualities seem to have lost in today’s world. Farmhouse kitchens may not be equipped with elegance and convenience of high end ultra modern kitchen, but it attracts and entertain any visitor who has entered through its door. So, if you own a farmhouse and want to design a kitchen, then you must read the following given lines.

Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Ideas for Farmhouse Kitchen Design

A country kitchen design or a farmhouse kitchen ideas can only be implemented if you have a large and spacious kitchen. Modern kitchens lacking space cannot be decorated with these ideas. These kitchen ideas are designed on principle of exhibiting or showing, unlike modern kitchens which hide everything behind the cabinets and other kitchen surfaces. A farmhouse kitchen should have a big kitchen area with a back door. Some of the ideas for farmhouse kitchens are as follows:

  • Paint

    A?a��a�? These type of kitchen can have variety of colors which depends on the style of farmhouse kitchen you choose. Like, a French farmhouse kitchen would generally use white and shades of blue, American farmhouse kitchen would make use of white, blue and red shades for walls, Mediterranean kitchen would prefer rustic or butterscotch yellow. So, if you are not sure of which color to go for, then you can choose from some basic colors like baby blue, salmon pink, yellow, lime green etc.

  • Furniture

    A?a��a�? A big, wooden table is the center of attraction to the visitors of a farmhouse kitchen. Mostly people spend time with their families in such kitchens, thus an antique center table is must for these kitchens. You can get these furniture items in a estate sales or yard sales and you have to refurbish them to make them go well with your newly designed farmhouse kitchen design. Some furniture items can also include open shelves which can be used to display cutlery or farm items in kitchen. These kitchen cabinets should be without doors as they make the look complete for a farmhouse kitchen.

  • Flooring

    A?a��a�? Flooring is very important for farmhouse kitchen as this only decides the overall look of the kitchen. This is because most of the area of a farmhouse kitchen is covered by flooring. There are various options for flooring to choose from for a farmhouse kitchen. The first option that would strike to your mind would be the wooden flooring, but it may not be the most ideal choice as it requires a lot of maintenance. Some modern flooring options can be chosen like laminate or vinyl flooring which comes in several forms like planks, tiles etc. with wide variety of patterns and colors. You can also find these flooring in stone or wood style. For a farmhouse kitchen, terracotta flooring can also be a good option.

  • Accessories

    A?a��a�? Some flower vases with fresh flowers can be kept at one corner of the kitchen. Walls can be adorned with pictures of farming tools and farm cattle. At the center of the table, you can place a fruit and a cane bread basket which makes the look complete for a country kitchen.

The above are a few ideas for farmhouse kitchen design. These kitchen design give a true sense of completion when family and guests sit together and enjoy a merry time together.

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