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How to Write a Cool Essay

How to Write a Cool Essay

The hallmark of a cool essay is characterized by original thinking. This does not imply that one has to develop a completely new theory. Understanding that most concepts or ideas have been examined in the past is essential in developing onea��s essay. The uniqueness of the easy in relation to those of other students is the most important thing that one should keep in mind.

Going Beyond the Obvious

According to essaybasics, in writing an essay, one should assume an original approach by for example using a different angle to approach the topic. Developing a new hypothesis or bringing in new evidence from reading materials not included in the course list can help capture the attention of the reader. A cool essay demonstrates a strong understanding and comprehension of facts, concepts and issues relating to the topic. Such an essay uses facts as a basis of argument and covers a wide array of materials besides considering all the viewpoints related to the topic.


A good essay has a coherent flow of ideas, covering different perspectives. Such an essay offers a balanced argument and concludes with evidence of what has been covered. It also provides an intelligent opinion in relation to how the essay topic should be construed on the basis of provided evidence.

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