What is the Importance of Fish Tank in Feng Shui?

Feng shui is being used to bring in harmony, peace and prosperity into our lives. Importance of fish tank in Feng Shui cannot be denied. It is one of the most important cures in this traditional Chinese system of aesthetics. If used and placed properly aquariums can attract lot of positive energy in home and workplace. Let us see why Feng shui aquariums are good for us.

Importance of Fish Tank in Feng Shui

a�? Fish tanks are powerful as they combine five important elements of Feng Shui,cheap custom writings namely;


-water in the fish tank


-gravel and rocks in the fish tank


-plants in the fish tank


-the structure of the fish tank


– the red or orange color of gold fish/garden digging tools lighting in the fish tank
This combination of the elements is very harmonious and brings in wealth, beauty and well-being in the life.
a�? Water is a symbol of life and growth. The sounds of the flowing water and the activities will stimulate the good vibes bringing in good fortune.
a�? The moving water helps in revitalizing the stagnant energy.
a�? Fish tank adds beauty to home.
a�? If the room is dry then the fish tank can add humidity and balance the moisture.
a�? It blocks the negative energy from sharp objects like bridges, fence etc.
a�? An aquarium under the beam is said to relieve stress and mental tension.
So, if you want to benefit yourself from Feng shui aquarium, hot ukraine ladies place the aquarium:


-for abundance and wealth


-for career


-for family and health

Basic tips for fish tank in Feng shui

a�? Never place an aquarium in the kitchen or bedroom as it creates too much energy.
a�? Do not put the fish tank in the center of the house.
a�? Nine is a potent number in Fneg shui. It is best to keep nine fishes (eight gold/ orange and one black) This will supercharge the energy.
a�? The number of fish in the fish tank should not be more than 10.
a�? Remove the dead fishes immediately and replace them.
a�? The plants should be green and healthy.
a�? Clean and maintain the fish tank regularly.
Thus, fish tank in Feng Shui holds a very special place.